the horrors of alternative medicine 😁

Many of you have to do research, ask questions on health boards, and even self-treat to deal with the ignorance and stubbornness of allopathic medicine. Once in a while, one has an opportunity to directly confront an M.D. in a public forum about this problem. For your amusement, here was my recent opportunity:

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  • Eddie83,

    This is a clickable link to your letter

    Nice response :)

  • Thank you for posting and it is necessary to write as you've done re doing our own research etc, in order to get well.

    I am also a fan of Dr John Lowe and he was also an Adviser to and I don't know if you saw his article to the British Thyroid Association and the Royal College of Physicians and despite 3 yearly reminders for a comment, they never did respond.

    I believe their attitude is due to their 'head in the sands' view over the treatment when patients do not respond to levothyroxine and the negative responses towards NDT by the mainstream doctors.

    Dr Derry in Canada also had his licence withdrawn due to his views. Two of our 'alternative' doctors (maybe even more for doing as they were trained as medical students) were also pursued by the GMC, one resigned rather than lose his licence but has helped patients privately by advice and Dr Skinner began the World Thyroid Register but died of a stroke most of us believe was caused by the General Medical Council calling him about 7 times.

  • Great letter. Perhaps you can let us know if the MD you were responding to continues the conversation. :)

  • I would say the probability of that event is zero. Absolute zero. My experience with allopathic medicine is that the conversations are one-way. When I asked a well-known M.D. (one who has written books) why he was doing something, the answer I got was "if I spend time explaining to patients why I do things, I would never get anything done". I was actually a paying patient when he told me this.

  • I hope you didn't go and see him again! :O

  • Your post really made me laugh especially as I was looking up stuff today where other conventional doctors and researchers have been rubbished by doctors like that over what they have found out.

    In fact most they admitted haven't found anything new as lots of the research is already there.

  • Exactly.

    It is not hypochondriac pain in the ass patients who are drumming for alternative medicine. It is the allopathic medicine creating the need for us so called nutcases to seek alternative medicine as it is a human right to receive treatment that makes your life not just somewhat tolerable ,but possibly enjoyable.

    We are not the reason why alternative medicine is getting popular, it is allopathic medicine failing. So if they want to blame someone then I suggest they should take a look at the mirror. Twice.

    With proper alternative medicine comes those who just wants to benefit selling potentially dangerous treatments. It's not our fault ,but proper treatment by alternative medicine gets bad reputation because of those selling humbug and that , that allopathic medicine is happy about. Now they can blame all alternative medicine. But while they do that they are basically mooning us, us who would benefit the care and expertise of those functional doctors who are real.

    Shame on allopathic medicine braking the rules. Shame on them playing with human lives, lives they have promised to save and honor.

    I am sick of being left out. I am sick of being ignored. I am sick of being held as a hostage in this on going ridiculous war.


  • I love your metaphor about "mooning". Priceless!

  • Eddie if I thought that my GP was mooning at me, I'd moon him back and that, trust me, would be the end of it.

    I win.

    Shock and awe :D :P

    Great post xx

  • Gawd bless ya, Eddie83! πŸ€— You've added a voice of sound reason πŸ€” to the experience of oh so many of us. Infinite thank you's, kind sir. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™


    From an 'objective' perspective:


    Isn't allopathic medicine actually 'the alternative'?

    Aren't meds, pills, prescriptions, injections, injectables, 'cutting open', removing, replacing, surgeries, yada yada yada . . .

    actions of 'last resort', last choice, last 'alternative'?



    Isn't supposedly 'alternative' medicine actually -- 'mainstream'?

    Aren't food, drink, physical movement/ exercise, mental exercise (meditation, mindfulness, . . .) all this supposed 'airy fairy', let-food-be-thy-medicine 'stuff' . . .

    actions of '1st resort', 1st choice, default?



    Only IF the '1st line of attack' ('mainstream' food/ mind/ movement/ lifestyle) fails, THEN we resort to 'last alternative': allopathic?



    Some how, some way, the terms appear to have gotten turned upside down, inside out! πŸ™ƒ 😜

    Food / mind/ movement/ lifestyle is 'mainstream' -- 1st line of action.

    Allopathic is 'the alternative' -- the 'last resort'.



    When will this linguistic 'switcheroo' flip back to it's true actual meaning?

    When will us befuddled (& hoodwinked πŸ˜‰ ) open our eyes πŸ‘ πŸ‘ ?



    Oh, & when is food, drink, thought, movement more costly than pills, medicines, surgeries . . . . ?


    Ahh . . . once the veil has been lifted . . . we shan't be deceived again . . . 😳 πŸ˜† πŸ˜‚



    [Of course, this is in context of 'disease' -- not context of 'broken limb'! 😱 πŸ˜‰ ]

  • The saddest thing about all this is ... poor people can't have access to "natural" medicine because the insurance companies won't pay for it! In fact, there are some states (like mine) where Naturopaths aren't even recognized/licensed.

  • Tis sad (horrifying) indeed, Eddie83! πŸ˜₯ 😳

    If fortunate, we (with or without money) can don our 'thinking caps' & do our best with the information on reputable forums/ websites & hope our insurance-covered physicians will listen to our findings & will do a bit of research to help us along.

    At worst, we're 'left to our own devices' to figure things out on our own as best we can. To some extent -- "practice (self) 'natural medicine' (on our own) without a license" when no other options are available. πŸ™ƒ

    Insane‼️ (I know . . . I know . . .) Yet, what choices are left to us if/ when, insurance-covered physicians laugh/ snigger/ roll their eyes/ etc. at our sincere attempts to discuss/ seek sensible, safe dietary/ lifestyle approaches -- because they are so blinkered in their allopathic-indoctrinated mindsets?

    The narrow-minded, (dare I say) single-minded 'lunacy' that denies/ 'turns a blind eye' toward those of us who've improved/ healed via 'natural' approaches is exasperating/ infuriating.

    It appears, unless some ('natural') approach is "blessed by" an allopathic 'institution' -- it will not be covered/ recognised by insurance. (We're merely 1-offs, mere 'testimonials' -- un-'proven' by 'legitimate' clinical study & are therefore 'dismissed' as 'flukes' or just 'lucky' individuals -- despite all our conscious efforts actively implementing techniques to improve our condition(s)! πŸ˜† πŸ˜‚

    Perhaps, the reputable/ quality/ skilled Naturopaths (although 'unrecognised'/ 'unlicensed') will never lack for clientele, as allopathic-trained physicians continue to fail long-term, chronic disease sufferers -- especially us autoimmuners. And, those clients with deep pockets, can afford their (un-insurance covered) fees. And, as you've alluded to, 'the poor' (the masses) do without . . .

    Unless the 'un-monied' have savvy, time, & research skills to 'figure things out on their own' -- they likely 'do without' & continue to serve as lemmings, marching toward the cliff's edge.



    Some can & do 'figure things out" -- some can't & don't.

    Either way, it's an indictment of our severely broken systems -- allowing masses of people to suffer relentlessly, needlessly . . . years on end . . . without a clue . . .

    Lemmings adrift at sea . . .



    Apologies for going on about this, Eddie83. πŸ™

    It just 'sticks in my craw' how real lives, real families are irreversibly damaged by such callous 'lunacy' -- clinging to -- out-moded thinking in this modern day & age of medical "advancements" & supposed 'healthcare for all'. . .

    The healthcare 'industry' has become the parallel of the the fast food 'industry' -- churn 'em in & out as fast as you can . . . with little regard for quality outcome. Give 'em a cheeseburger, give 'em a pill & send them on their way. They'll inevitably return & be given yet another cheeseburger & yet another pill . . . πŸ™ƒ


    'Quality of life' means nothing -- mere 'survival ' has taken its place.


    (Sorry, sorry . . . much too much blathering . . . 😁 ]

  • As much as I think Barack Obama has a good heart ... one of these days someone is going to ask me in a public place what I think of the Affordable Care Act. And I'm going to have to say it stinks, because the people who have gotten coverage, are still stuck with Allopaths and BigPharma.

  • πŸ‘

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