Gardasil: The Decision We Will Always Regret - everyone should read this!

Still on the topic of vaccines, this one must be the worst. I'm sure you've all read about how ineffective it is because it only works on one type of cancer among many, but reports of side-effects are worse for this than any other vaccine so far. Would you give it to your daughter?

They mention Bartonella in this article, which is something I've only just lately heard about. But from reading the list of sympotms, I'm beginning to seriously Wonder if it wasn't what I had two summers ago...

Here's some more information about Bartonella :

It might ring some bells for some of you.

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  • cat scratch... known for years - even my taid knew x

  • Yes, but I don't think they knew what caused it. I was told it was just people that were allergic to cats!

  • grey those are horrific stories.. I do wonder if I have something similar too-- in 1998 I used to walk a lot in nature, love it, so serine- long grass, woods etc- and one morning woke up to an inch long blister on my leg, the nurse dressed it but tno one asked or investigated, it was soon after that when I began to get ill.. in 2008 another of the same appeared above

    my kidney, then in 2010 I was scratched by a rabbit who I was rescuing from a cage of shite and urine and blow flies in boiling hot weather it drew blood and later died, probably of flystrike or some other disease, even tho I have mentioned this in the immune dept, and other specialists it is sort of not 'important'

    make s me wonder where to go from here, everyone is fed up now I have alist of specialist behind me and no real answer. I hope every one reads yourpost here grey I hav erecommended you.

  • Thank you, Pettals. They just aren't interested in sympotms, are they. When I was ill and taken to hospital, once they found out I had an arrythmia they weren't anything else, but it was the arrythmia that caused the high fever, the rashes and the halucinations!

    I have another article on this subject I'm going to post later that might interest you.

  • well I know I have had something weird grey- I have had so many tests and nothing has showed up, I have kept those links and will print them off, go to London homeopathy clicnic soon so will take I t with me. cant understand why no one has read that post of yours.. perhaps change or add on to the heading..

  • You could be right, but some people are bound to think that is doesn't concern them.

  • How's that? lol

  • yes !

  • Thanks for the link. I read about the young girl who went downhill after her parents signed a consent form for doctors to give her the HPV Vaccine.

    I never thought that those HPV vaccine were a good thing. I feel the same about the flu vaccines. They're full of God-Knows-What and can damage the immune system.

    I was offered the pneumonia vaccine, and have been repeatedly offered the flu vaccine and statins.

    If you then say that you had a reaction to a vaccine, they just mark you down as psychosomatic/nuts.

  • Exactly! I'm just praying that neither of my kids get their daughters vaccinated with this rubbish!

  • Haven't they heard of condoms? They're far safer than a toxic chemical cocktail vaccine which you can't so easily eject and dispose of.

  • Girls usually have, but boys don't want to wear them, in my experience! But then they don't have to suffer the consequenses, do they!

  • NO... A word which females should be (but are often not) raised and trained to say with polite confidence and certainty.

  • Yes, a lot of women have difficulty saying no to anything, because they're self-esteem is so low - especially hypos! And boys/men can be pretty persuasive, saying things like 'if you don't do it you're not normal', and 'all the girls I know do it', etc etc etc. Can be hard to be assertive when you're inexperienced.

  • HPv virus strains, there are hundreds of them. They also mutate.

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