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Just wondered if anyone had any ideas please? I'm wondering if my iron dose needs adjusting? I can't get hold of my GP or endo and I'm going on holiday tomorrow!

I fainted yesterday and I'm still feeling quite wobbly and dizzy, I'm also a bit breathless. Apart from that I'm pretty much ok!

I'm taking 2 x 27 mg chelated iron daily under the supervision of my endo, plus 2,5 grains thyroid s.

Latest February iron result from GP

Iron 16umol (14 - 28)

Private tests from December

Iron 21.6 (6.6 - 26)

TIBC 79 (41 - 77)

Transferrin saturation 27 (20 - 55)

Ferritin 116 (13 - 150)

The 'iron' result seems to have dropped a bit so I'm wondering if that may be the issue? I find all this iron stuff very complicated so any ideas would be very welcome :)

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Sounds like B12 to me. Have you had that tested? Even if you haven't, you could try taking some - with a B complex - and see if it helps. You can't over-dose on the Bs.

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