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Has anyone got problems with vertical and horizontal lines on the pads of their fingertips? Last few weeks many have appeared, worse on left hand. Treating with vitamin E oil. Can't find out anything about them, but have read it can be adrenal fatigue related/ thyroid related or just age related. I am 68. TT a year ago. Any ideas?

Is it serious and do I need to see my GP?

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I have read it could be a number of things, thyroid, Candida, connective tissue disorder, etc. What are your recent blood levels?


I have masses of lines on my fingers - towards but not on the fingertips - and on the top end of the palms of my hands, they are all vertical though. I know have Duypetren's though, that is an auto immune disease. It is often called the 'Viking disease' because it affects people of the North ( my grandmother is from the Orkney Isles)

I noticed years ago that I was getting little sort of 'cushiony pads' just below where my fingers join my palms. Then I got these vertical lines and gradually the pads kind of dried up until they became like a callous which has gone a sort of yellowish colour.

The little finger on my left hand is now quite bent in and can't really be straightened. It started a long time ago on my left hand but I can see the signs on my right hand now I know what I'm looking at. Like you I tried various oils but that didn't work.

I've got Graves (also an auto immune disease) and I think my little finger got a lot worse when I went on block and replace a couple of years ago. I know various things can be done for it but I've only mentioned it to the doctor casually and at the moment my Dupytren's is quite mild - certainly compared to photos I've seen online - so being a total wimp and knowing several other people who have been operated on for it with varying degrees of success, I've decided to leave things as they are for the time being.

Hope that's dome help to you and hope you've not got what I've got😊


Not got your symptoms fruit and nut case.

I got my blood results today and my vit D has dropped to 42. Was 57 test at end of last year and calcium getting lower 2.25. That's too low for me. My parathyroids don't work. Also very sure I have candida. Just gone gluten free.

My lines are on pads of fingers, appeared about 2/3 weeks ago. Worse on left hand, not many on right.

Just another thing to worry about!


Tell me! I'm 66 - when you're young you never think you'll start falling to bits eventually do you? Probably just as well.

Do you know why your Vit D is so low? Is it connected to your calcium and your parathyroids not working? Hope your doctor is going to sort you out because that can make you quite ill?

Be glad you have been spared Dupytren's - it's so annoying when I keep poking myself in the nose when I wash my face or when I can't use my left hand to smooth shampoo onto my hair because it won't go flat - up until now I hadn't even noticed you needed a fairly flat hand to apply shampoo 😊


Hi I have almost same issues as you low D no parathyroid function can you write me back or find me on fb look under Michelle Pander florida


Yes I agree, thyroid issues play havic with the whole body.....and mind!


Flowerpower, it's another hypothyroid symptom and nothing to worry about. I had vertical lines on the fingers and palms of both hands (looked like waterlogged wrinkles) and originally thought it was due to weight loss. The skin was quite orange coloured too. Colour is normal now I'm optimally medicated and right hand wrinkles have smoothed out but the left hand remains stubbornly wrinkled.


Oh thanks again Clutter, where would I be without you? It was freaking me out. Thank you thank you x


Hiya i have the same do you know if their is anythink i can use .


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