Adrenal Reset or Paleo diet?

Hi Guys,

Wondering if anyone is trying either of these diets and how they are doing on them? I have adrenal issues which are being dealt with by Nutri adrenal and Im on Armour 1.5 grains, as per Dr P. But want to go to the next stage and get the weight off and feel fit and healthy. There is a gym near me that specialises in functional fitness (I think that is interval training stuff but will find out more) so now for the diet!

Thanks in advance!


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  • Hi BexyLS

    whilst I can't comment on the adrenal side (never had mine checked)? I can help with Paleo ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Been living this way for about 6 months now and it's changed my life. Have also been auto immune paleo for the last few months but just started to phase nuts back in to see if I'm on with them - I need to cut back again. But before I made the change I was having serious digestive issues, panic attacks, anxiety, headaches and so much more - I'm now free of all those and I've managed to keep my weight at just a stone heavier since all this thyroid stuff kicked off! I would recommend everyone give it a try ๐Ÿ˜€ it's easier than you might think and the rewards are extensive (especially if like me you gave hashis)

    Hope this helps? But feel free to pm me if you need anything else or some fab paleo places to visit x๐Ÿ˜˜

  • Hello, I'm thinking baout starting Autoimmune Paleo Protocol, which is recommened if having an autoimmune condition. I've heard so much good about it Paleo, and it all makes sense too.

    I've bought Chris Kresser book, Paleo Cure, but was curious if you know of any good books/websites with not elaborate autoimmune protocol friendly recipies? (e.g. no eggs, no dairy, possibly no nuts).

    Many thanks!

  • Good for you Massao :-) you'll love the receipes on these pages - these are a few of my fav's (yummy) so much choice for dinner, breakfast and snacks/ desserts too - mickey is great! and some amazing recipes too :-) also try and here but youll have to look under the autoimmune section on this one :-)

    Love to hear how you get on xxx

  • Thanks Natalie,

    I've heard about them all:) but the thing I struggle most is breakfast...with no eggs allowed I find it difficult to prepare breakfast that is filling me up for long :(

  • Breakfast skillet :-) all in one pan......Sweet Potatoes, carrots, then once they have cooked, add some chopped bacon (nitrate free), brocolli (or whatever greens you like say) then ginger and some herbs like rosemary or thyme etc, then add some greens at end like kale or spinach etc - proper yummy xxx please try youll love it x

    you can also change it so it's different every day.

    Once you get into the diet its easy :-) I have last night leftovers for breakfast - say, chicken and veg - sweet potato for example x

  • Ah, it does sound easy! At the moment I'm waiting for my nitrate free bacon to be delivered (where do you get yours? I order mine from Devon Rose farm) so I'll start my skillet breafasts this week! I also ordered SCD friendly (gluten and sugar free) sausages from them so that should add some variety to my breakfast. This Devon Rose farm is the only place I know of that makes SCD friendly bacon and sausages (and burgers too) in the UK.

    We usually have no leftovers left after dinner, so lucky you:)

  • Hi Natalie, Thanks for the reply. Im so pleased you are doing well :) I'm already GF and improved loads from that and the last week I have cut down drastically on milk and feel better for it! Which book would you recommend? I was going to get Loren Cordain. x

  • First of all bexsyLS well done for going GF๐Ÿ˜€ and I'm glad ur feeling the benefits too. I hadn't got into buying books as most of the lovely paleo perps I follow have websites with STACKS of receipes on and I print them off and put them into files ๐Ÿ˜‰ one for veggies, one for mains and one for desserts/cakes/breads (my fav๐Ÿ˜›) I did post the links above for someone else so hopefully you can still view them? But if not pm me and I'll gladly send again. Just a quickie have you given up all diary or just milk? The results for me were amazing when I went full paleo x

  • Hi Natalie, I have the links thanks. I just need a book to sit down and read comfortably and to make notes! I always use a base book to start of from and then further it with the internet. I've given up milk but have eaten sheeps feta this week but will be doing it properly in the next week (its my birthday tomorrow so not gonna pressure myself) :)

  • Oh well I don't blame you ๐Ÿ˜œ happy birthday for tomorrow - enjoy it ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‚

  • Hi I went grain free last May after a couple of years of cleaning up my diet. Then last Nov I cut back on fruit and replaced with more good fats. That made a massive difference to me in terms of more lasting energy and not feeling shaky before meals. I cut back on starches 2 weeks ago as I've been reading alot about ketosis and think Ihave managed to get into it according to ketostix. Ive also started to eat homemade sauerkraut. I'm going to get TPO and other variables tested in May to see what difference it has all made if any. However I feel pretty good and sleep better than I have in years. I found the work of Nora Gedgaugas on youtube very interesting. Good luck and please feel to pm me also.

  • Hello, you need to be careful with ketosis if you are having Hashimoto. Very low carb intake may depress thyroid funcation even more.

  • Hi thanks. I think everyone is different. I haven't experienced any loss in energy or increases in other symptoms since dropping more carbs. Not having the energy slumps before meals and constant hunger as well as improved migraines is a massive pay off for me. I'll see if there are differences in bloods in May and will post anything interesting.

  • that would be great mauled and again thanks for the info :)

  • Thank you. I will look her up! x

  • Natalie thank you for those links. I'm looking at whether working with diet would help me and those are some fantastic resources.

  • I get tons of Paleo recipes delivered to my email box and I can usually adapt them pretty easily to egg and nut-free (most are dairy free already. I am on 2 grains NDT. I have also added Life Extension Adrenal Energy Formula (similar to what your are using) and I feel amazing. I have also lost 1.8 stone.

  • I've been doing the Adrenal Reset Diet for about ten days. I read the book - eventually and his arguments make perfect sense. Its also more in line with the diet suggested by my Hair Mineral test. To be honest, it really is not that different to paleo with a little extra rice and/or potato. We are talking three golf ball size servings in the evening - no more. It does seem to help me sleep better, and I started to feel more human about two days in.

    Two things, so far I haven't been using the light box. But I realised yesterday that I am showing all the symptoms of SAD, even though its far too late in the year for it. My ancient light box gives me headaches, and its hugely inconvenient to sit in front of it, now that I no longer have a desk job. So I have bought a Valkee in ear light thingy.

    One of the follow up bits I got with the book was a short video by Dr C, in which he said that, basically, fructose is the cause of all cravings (I may be paraphrasing slightly). Now I don't really tend to buy into these things, but I did have a lightbulb moment and realised that although I had given up sugar, I was substituting fruit to a great extent - and that really I had just found a way to cheat. This would apply as much to paleo as ARD. So I made the huge decision to go fruit free. And it DID make a difference, once I was past the withdrawal. Naturally I made the decision a few hours after I had filled the fruit bowl - but since hubby hardly touches it, its just made me realise how much fruit I was eating!

    Unfortunately I allowed my friend to persuade me that it would be rude to refuse her pudding but I will be back on the wagon tomorrow!

    ARD is very easy to follow, although I admit to struggling to eat the huge amount of protein for breakfast. But it gets easier, and might be easier still once I reset my body clock. Apart from that its straightforward. Animal/fish protein and veg/salad for breakfast with something beany. Ditto lunch but add a bit more starch, ditto evening but have a little bit more. If you've done paleo before, as I have been for quite some time, its really, really easy. If you haven't you will probably struggle a bit more with the concepts, but they are very clearly set out in the book.

  • Thanks Ruthie! Its hard to get info about this book as it is so new so I appreciate the info. I have bought the paleo book now so will give it a go. But I think I will be the same as you with the fruit thing and it said in the paleo book. if you have a lot of weight to lose to stay off bananas and apples (the 2 fruits i eat the most of :( )

  • Its not just about losing weight, Beryl, its just bad. Hard on the liver, raises insulin, bad for the heart, messes with your mind..... Fructose and alcohol are almost the same chemically, and anything alcohol can do, fructose can do too. Non alcoholic fatty liver disease is just cirrhosis by another name and slightly different cause!

    But my mind is well messed with. What he made clear is that when you change your mind and eat a banana anyway, despite any resolutions to the contrary that's a craving! Its not being weak willed, its the fructose taking over your mind! And the good news is that after a few days off fruit I WAS making much better choices relatively effortlessly.

    So, back on the wagon for me tomorrow. I have a fairly long stretch ahead with no serious socialising so hope I can get stable before temptation sets in.

    I find the no eggs or dairy quite inconvenient too. I am by no means a veggie, but I found all that meat a bit hard going. Still, sardines and tuna are quick and easy breakfasts.

  • I pretty much hate all fish. makes me gag . so not sure what to do about that!

  • Eat meat only for a while, then try eggs and see if you react, then dairy?

    Or, shock horror, try some fish. Its very good for you! If I can learn to eat curry, anything is possible.

  • Hi I'm on kick start fat loss at the moment that can be done in a class or online. It's run by a lady called Rachel Holmes. It's like paleo/ low gi. I've been doing it since 5th January and I've lost 2 stone 1lb so far( I get weighed tonight so fingers crossed) and I feel great. I have also recently. Started on T3 and my specialist thinks that it's probably helping too. But kick start mainly focuses on cutting out sugars and eating healthy home cooked foods. A typical day is bacon ,eggs and mushrooms for breakfast, salad with peppers beetroot and chicken breast in paprika for lunch then bolognaise with stir fry or cauliflower rice. If I'm away from home I pack a salad or do a green smoothy?i have also cut out wheat as I am allergic to it. I do have cheese organic oatcakes if I feel a bit peckish. These are not on kick start but as I'm losing between 2-3lb a week I don't think they're hurting. Best I've felt for years. More energy too. I've liked quite a few paleo pages on Facebook as they have fab recipe ideas. Good luck. X

  • I've lost a stone on Paleo since chrustmas. It's great. Less pain too, fewer headaches and IBS mostly gone xx

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