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T3 supplies

I have been using T3/T4 combination since September 2014, and havent felt this well for years. I plucked up the courage to obtain my own T3 as my GP refused to prescribe anything other thanT4. It is the knowledge that I picked up from this site that gave me the confidence to do this, a big thank you everybody! However I now have a problem highlighted on previous posts, that the company supplying Cynomel (Mexico) no longer stocks it. Does anybody know of an on line site where I can otain T3? Would be so grateful if you could PM me. Thank you,


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hello, i have same prblem, a year ago i got cytomel from mexico and now i need more they dont have it! argh, if you have found out where to get it please can you message me the link thank you x


Hi, if you want to PM me I'll give you a list of the people I have used. Some are out of stock but a couple said that they had some last month.


I had an email from them this morning and it said they would have it in stock in april



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