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Hi all

Previously a member on here was advised to take t3 like if planned to as my t3 results were very low

I've been pretty stable now energy and well being wise after a long time increasing my dosage,

However I regularly buy from someone I was recommended to on here but tsking 100 mcg a day I am now struggling to afford them since myself and husband have parted, are there any more reliable people that cost less that someone could pm me please

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  • Nataliej,

    How much are you paying?

  • 600 tabs 120 Euros

  • Nataliej,

    I don't think you'll get it cheaper. I think the company sells 150 for £34 which is more expensive but might be more manageable.

  • You joined today but you said that you are regularly buying from the source that somebody recommended you here. How was this person able to recommend you anyone if you were not a member? I don't get it.

  • Maybe she has 2 accounts? I don't know why somebody would need 2 accounts though.

  • I haven't been active for a long time couldn't remember my password from old username natj 123

  • Same here, can't remember my old user name or password 😞

  • If you read my post I said I was a previous member, over a year ago I joined, didn't stay active under my old name natj123 couldn't remember my password opened s new account.

  • annamaria2 She does say she was a member previously, so I imagine she was given the information at that time.

    (Possibly forgotten log in details and had to rejoin.)

  • I did susie ha x

  • Nataliej That's probably the supplier I use then as it's the same price. I don't know of another recommended one, maybe someone else does.

  • Thank you 😊

  • You're welcome, but it's not much help I'm afraid :(

    Maybe if you do find a cheaper soirce, recommended by a member, you could PM me as I will need to restock fairly soon. Although I don't use such a high dose as yourself.

  • Without that I cannot get out of bed and with 2 young children that need me it's a must xx will do

  • We have to take what we need to function. I just wish there had been all this information years ago when my children were small, they're now 46 and 43. I try not to think about the wasted years, it's quite upsetting.

    But thank heavens for the internet and forums such as this so there is help for people who are struggling now. Do what you need to do to have a life with your children, enjoy them, the years pass too quickly.

    I take a Levo/T3 combo so my Levo is on prescription and I'm just glad I don't need such a hefty dose of T3 as you do, it must be very draining on your finances.

  • Thank you x

  • Hi am new on site and looking for some help to get t3 . My current specialist is slowly taking me off t3 as nhs red lined it as too expensive and no proof of it being better than t4. I am currently on both with an aim to

    Stop t3. I don't want to so need to find a source to purchase it. I did one on private Precripton cost me £1200 for 6months worth .., any help would be greatly appreciated. T3 suits me much better as was really well earlier this year but going backwards since reducing it.

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