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Healthy Gut Summit Feb 9-16 Free Webinar

This one has some very good presenters so take a look and see what interests you. PR

Discover how your digestive health is intimately linked to your immune, endocrine, circulatory and central nervous systems.

•Brenda Watson, author of Skinny Gut Diet (she talks about how to change the gut microbiome to lose weight)

•Dr. Sara Gottfried- fixing hormonal disturbances naturally

•Dr. Josh Axe- healing foods for leaky gut (Dr. Axe has a lot of experience in this area)

•Dr. Rob Knight- American Gut Project insights

•Robert Scott Bell- homeopathy for the gut

•Dr. Jacob Teitlebaum- Lyme, thyroid and herpes (Dr. T is an expert in overcoming fatigue)

•Summer Bock- wild vs controlled fermentation (one could worsen yeast, a potential root cause)

•Marc David-psychology and gut (emotions can trigger gut permeability)

•Dr. Alyson Siebecker- SIBO (she is the top expert on treating this difficult to treat condition that causes leaky gut and is present in >50% of people with Hashimoto's)

•Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman- parasites and heavy metals (common root causes of Hashimoto's, Dr. G is retired so this is the only time you'll hear her speak!)

•Dr. John Hicks- cannabinoids in the gut (brand new option)

•JJ Virgin- Most common food intolerances (also common root causes)

•Dr. Izabella Wentz- Hashimoto's and common gut patterns

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