Mindfulness summit for free! Third day today and I'm loving it 🙏

This free summit started on October the 1st. I've been practicing mindfulness meditation for a while after I read Mark Williams book and it really helped me through my awful weeping depressed days when I have my hashi flares. I Highly recommend!!! Easy and kept me going on my dark days.


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  • Thanks for this. I read the book a while back and found it life changing. Always good to have a reminder of the benefits. I shall follow this as a refresher course.

  • Same with me. I've been on all sorts of antidepressants and meditating proved better and no side effects. Check everyday because the talks are only available for free for 24 hours. Marks one will be available throughout the summit.

  • can I download & keep these free intros?if so will some techi-minded soul help me before they get locked.Do I have to download "A Tube catcher"or similar

  • Unfortunately no! I've read on the comments other people asking the same question. The talks are only available on the day. Each day a different person. Only marks one will be available throughout October.

  • I have been practising mindfulness meditation daily for 20 minutes in the morning,& in the evening in addition whenever possible.I started while in a 2 year depression with panic disorder,when my adrenals crashed & my thyroxine stopped being effective(I now realise)

    I find it really helpful,especially when I can feel my mood dipping,or anxiety hovering.

    I attended an 8 week MBSR course(one day a week for 8 weeks)which really kickstarted my regular practise.

    It also got me back to yoga & I have found a class & teacher that really suits me(I am 65)I find yoga incredibly helpful too,& now see that research shows these lower cortisol amongst other things

  • I became a concert last year after reading Mark Williams book and follow the cd. Do the meditations daily with my son and it has helped him deal with teenage anger as well. I'm really into yoga. Love it. In a good week I do three different classes one of Hatha, one kundalini and a ashtanga one. Going to try the hot one now let's see how it goes. :-)

  • gosh!You lucky thing to have those choices!Not available where I live,but wouldn't have the energy,anyway

  • Now that you said it, yes i do feel luck and all these classes at my gym, which i pay only £40 per month, i can do as many classes as i like. Once a month I do a restorative session in a yoga institute too, which is great. But yes when i have my bad weeks sometimes I just go to the Sunday class, which i really love so cant miss that. Besides, they all have seen me crying anyway so I feel comfortable having a bad day around them

  • thanks for clearing that up.What a shame.Will check those speakers out on Youtube.I have downloaded stuff to "A Tubecatcher"to save it,in the past.

  • You're better with technology than me! Don't even know what a tube catcher is ;-)

  • I only found out about "A Tube Catcher"through necessity.When I was in a depression,I found listening to Krishna Das's "yoga of chant"(Kirtan)on Youtube really supportive.A message came up"this video will be removed on such & such a date"& I googled about saving it.

  • I haven't heard of this "yoga of chant" has it been taken out then?

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