Supplements and a moan

Hi Folks

I know this has probably been asked numerous times before so my apologies in advance.

I am now taking Vit b12 and Vit b compex does it matter if i take them both together or should i take them seperatly.

Also how far apart from my thyroid meds should i take them, i take my Levo at about 7.30 am and usually take my Vitamins around 12 noon or 1pm is that okay.

Have been looking at Co -Enzyme q10 ( very expensive) does anyone know where i can resource this at a reasonable price and what dosage is the best to take.

Just a quick update on my last post regarding my t3 went to docs as my t3 was out of range 3.6 doc very unhelpful (as usual) told him what i thought complete waste of breath, he wasnt interested as my t.s.h was okay.

Asked for a second opinion saw Endo another waste of time, how i would like to get on with enjoying life instead of spending so much time and effort doing research and trying to get well.

I was even admitted to hospital last weekend due to chest pains they though it was a heart attack thank god it wasnt, can low t 3 be the cause of this.

The endo said he would not prescribe t3 because i have an irregular heart beat and that it would make it worse.

Am hoping to see someone privately off the list but my other half has been off sick so he cant pay for it right now. Is there anything that i could take naturally that would help with my conversion of t4 into t3.

Thanks so much


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  • vit B12 or Vit B has ZERO to do with T4 to T3 conversion but you should always take compound vit B together with any other B vitamins

    Its Ferritin that's vital and if you take iron plus at least 1000mg vitamin c then that is what must be 4 hours away from the levo

  • Donni, it's fine to take B12 and B complex together and 2 hours away from Levothyroxine. Good levels of vitamin D help with T4 to T3 conversion. See if your GP will test vitD and post results. If GP won't test, supplement 2,000iu until end of April as most people will have low levels this time of year.

  • Thanks guys


  • Are you supplementing with B12 methylcobalamin or B12 cyanocobalamin as methyl is the better. You can also take sublingual or spray which then bypasses the stomach into your bloodstream.

  • its the cyanocobalamin but will get hold of some methyl instead

    Thanks Donni

  • CoQ10 I get from I also take Hawthorn and Arjuna which have improved my palpitations a lot. Do your research, though, as you might not be the same as me.

  • Thanks guys

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