FNAC of nodule, results?


I went for FNAC of thyroid nodules, I have two nodules, but only one was biopsied. It took place on 16/01/2015. Telephoned consultants secretary last week to see if the results have come back, she said no. Finally got an appointment letter through today for an appointment on 16 February 2015, rang secretary again today asking if she could let me know if the results are positive or negative, she said I will have to wait till the appointment to discuss the results. I am sick with worry, has anybody else had to wait this long for their results to be given to them?

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Teddym, 2-4 weeks seems to be average. Don't read anything into the secretary not giving you the results, most aren't allowed to discuss them with patients. I hope your results are benign.

Thank you Clutter for your reply.

I wouldn't worry about it.

However, you could request a printout of the lab report to be posted to you and you'll then discuss the report with the consultant at the upcoming appt. However, the secretary will try to resist your request cos she works for her guvnor and doesn't want to annoy him. But it is your data.

Thank you Londinium for your reply. I will try again tomorrow with the secretary to get a printout of the lab report.

Your wrong, she is not allowed to give the results, NHS rules. I have responded to this person with the reasons why the medical secretary is not allowed to give results.

The secretary usually gives me my results and tells me if the doctor needs to see me or not

I'm not entirely sure that you're entirely correct?

I had an appt at a major London hospital. I requested a copy of my lab results from the surgeon/consultant at the appt. He said they'd all be sent with his letter to the GP and copied to me. The letter arrived without the lab printouts.

I rang his office. The sec said the results were enclosed within the content of his letter. I said they were not and that furthermore, I wanted printouts of my lab results and ref ranges separate from his letter for my lab results folder. I explained that a letter is opinion-based, but lab results are fact-based. Big difference. I wanted my lab printouts of the facts, in addition to and separate to his letter of opinions. It was my data and I was legally entitled to it. So she then printed it off and posted it to me.

I had no interest in "discussing" my results with the secretary on the phone or in person. Sorry, but I don't give a toss about a secretary's 'medical' opinion - I just want the printouts of my data.

With regard Teddy, I suggest waiting for the appt as it's fairly soon, and to then make sure to get his own printouts on the day, and NOT to accept dismissive waffle from the consultant or the secretaries who often cannot be bothered to simply PRESS PRINT on their computer.

I've had similar prevarication and obstruction from the GP senior partner/owner of my GP practice and from all her staff. In the end, the regional Nhs England manager had to get involved. One simple request for a copy of my own data took several weeks of numerous calls and emails between me, the practices's various staff and the Nhs England regional manager, even though they all knew, or ought to have known, that we are legally entitled to our data under the Data Protection Act.... So much wasted time and stress for us all, when a simple request should have sufficed.

I am a medical secretary and she is right she is not allowed to discuss results or give them out. Various reasons but basically to protect the patient in case there is something the doctor needs to discuss with you. Don't panic now that doesn't mean its urgent as if it was a clinic would be overbooked for you. Hope that helps. Good luck.

TeddyM, I am exactly in your position and perfectly understand how you are feeling.I have several nodules, had the FNA, had a letter recalling me, phoned the consultants secretary and I too just have to wait until next week for the appointment. This wait is doing my head in, especially as the isotope I was to have has suddenly been put off because they want things sorted with the other hospital looking into my sinister nodule first.

I'm trying so hard to focus on other things and I'll deal with whatever they tell me but it's the waiting that is the hardest bit.

Hopefully we'll both be worrying for nothing, TeddyM, and when we have our appointments, we will be able to let out a loud 'PHEW' and skip off in a decidedly relieved and happy manner.

Sending you my best wishes.


Hi chocoholic17 i too have to have biopsy im booked in next week, does it hurt? Can you see the scan o screen? If you dont mind me asking where is your lump? Thanks x

Hi Jen,

I had the needle inserted twice, into one of my thyroid nodules, from different angles. The first time, although I could feel it (no anaesthetic was offered) I wouldn't say it was painful. The second one was not nice because the consultant doing the biopsy was resting his knuckles on my neck, in exactly the spot on my neck that is where I am feeling constant pressure 24 hours anyway. I got told off because I winced and swallowed when he put pressure on my neck and yes, I did feel this second needle more but it was not that bad and was over so quickly.

I was so worried I'd have one of my coughing fits mid needle going in and when I was told off for swallowing, I found the best thing for me was to keep my mouth slightly open and focus on looking at a poster on the wall.

I could not see the screen and the consultant didn't like me querying if the nodules or thyroid gland had grown since last time.

He was a rude individual, who barked replies to any questions I had and yawned through the test but I was lucky in having a kind nurse,who sensed my nervousness and held my hand.

I had read that you are watched for half hour or so before being allowed home. That didn't happen.Once I had a dressing put on my neck, I was allowed to leave the hospital immediately.

Don't worry about having the FNA, Jen. Seriously. It's all over so quickly and as I say, it's really not too bad.

if there was a more serious problem you would be called in very quickly. I had scan and was rung up the day after, saw on my notes 'suspected cancer' was terrified. Consultant wanted me in the following week to remove half thyroid. I asked for FNA. Waited for a week, took sleeping tablets to get me through. Had scan and waited another week. It was all clear. Since then had another scan to check, the thryoid isn't right but it's still there for the time being and after taking carb for 18 months (for hyperthyroid) and reducing from 40mg daily to 5mg every other day rather than following recommended block and replace I am no longer on any drugs and touching wood (as well as having herbal medicine, acupuncture, zero wheat and a lot of supplements) I remain, for the time being, drug-free and well.

FNA results can be difficult to interpret, not as straightforward as a blood test anyway. Consultants like to explain in person, and be available to answer your questions. Best to wait, try not to worry, and remember, as others have said, if it was anything urgent, they would have called you in straight away.

If you read british thyroid association cancer guidelines, it's in there that they tell you in person. Face to face. So bad luck you'll have to wait. I do feel for you, i was told 7-10 days for the results of the biopsy, so it's rotten luck you have to wait so long for your follow up appointment. best of luck for it.

I've had 3 FNAs now, and the appointments to discuss the results were always weeks and weeks later. I was bricking it the first time, convinced I was seriously ill of course, but they were all OK. I did ask if it was possible to just tell my GP the results, so saving me time and money (it wasn't a particularly local hospital), but the hospital was totally insistent that I had to see their doctor.

I had a FNA and had to wait two weeks for those results where they couldn't rule out PTC so I then had a core biopsy which is more invasive but still bearable and meant to garner better samples. I had to wait a month for those results as Xmas was in between and the results were still inconclusive. By this time all sorts of things were happening in my neck and I had hemi-thyroidectomy last Friday and have to wait another two weeks to get results from that.

Lots of waiting involved albeit for this or blood test results.

Good luck.

hello teddy--- well I have been reading these replies with interest. first of all , I worked for a few years in a hospital, I have had many many hospital appts. myself, I have a truck load of hosp in- fo at home- they are all my notes and clinic letters, my tests results etc.

I started to ask for these when I got wise!- once upon a time in the days of yor- long ago we were not allowed to have our tests but people are not idiots, if I had not gotten all my notes- and my pack of hospital notes costing me a fortune I would never have known that I was ' neurotic'' or that ' I needed to see a psychiatrist' or that when my kids were small I was a 'neurotic mother'- as I was concerned over various issues of their ill health,- I would no t have known that my tests results were abnormal when they were written down as normal-- and in f fact it was a particular prof I saw who actually noticed that my IGM was twice as high as it should have been and asked why it wasn't picked at the hosp, thank the lord I got my results. I would never have known that my thyroid and adrenals were flat out and that ALL of m yhormones were on the floor.. I think you actually meant that you wanted the secretary to tell you the results, I think you , bein g very worried just wante d to know the outcome whereby if you had requested the results to be sent, the confusion would not be there, we cant cant think straight when we panic, normally the reception plays GOD, but if they ask the doc a decent doc will agree to send, altho I have had the reply , you will have to wait to see the doctor first, I hope you get your apt soon.

I am not a medical secretary but I always believed that she is not allowed to tell you the results over the phone for one very good reason - she does not know who is on the other end of the phone and this information would come under the Data Protection Act. You really would not want just anyone to ring up and get your information by saying they were you.... would you?

Hi TeddyM,

Just thought I'd get back to you, as I got my biopsy results yesterday. On arrival, instead of going to ENT dept like last time I got sent to the 'Oral Surgery' dept. I had about an hours wait and I kept looking at the sign 'Oral Surgery' and by the time I was called, I was convinced, I was going to be told it WAS cancer. I was told last time that was the only thing they were looking at in their department so could think of no other reason to be seen in 'Oral Surgery'. If this happens to you, TeddyM, I want to reassure you, it does not necessarily mean bad news.

My consultants first words were 'Good news. It is not cancer.' I could have kissed the man! The relief was huge, as you can imagine.

They are to monitor the nodules with another scan in six months time and I have to have a barium swallow soon to just make sure there is no sort of blockage further down that might be behind the choking but I came home a lot happier than I went in yesterday.

So, I keep my fingers crossed for you too, TeddyM. Remember, if you too get sent to an 'Oral Surgery' dept. on arrival at your hospital, it is just a name and you could just as easily have reassuring, good news, as I did.

Kind regards.


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