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Eventually receive copies of results

After months of asking I have received copies of my results, doc told me I have Graves (I have asked 3 times) but if anyone knows differently please let me know.

Initial results sept 2015

Free t4 5.2 (9 - 24)

TSH 94.85 (0.34 - 5.4)

TPO antibody >300 (0 - 100)

March 2015

Free t4 19.6 (9 - 24)

TSH 10.03 (0.34 - 5.4)

Currently on levothyroxin 100 but still feel exhausted although at my worst was sleeping 16 -18 hours down to 10 - 12 hours. Feels like my life is just spent in a drowsy stupor. Started taking vitD vitb12 and magnesium from health shop in the hope of some improvement but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Hazel

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Oops the first results were sept 2014


On what basis does your doctor say you have Graves?

I'm not a doctor, but it looks much more like Hashimoto's to me: high TSH and antibodies, low FT4, and with a TSH over 10 and an FT4 below the top of the range, you could have room for an increase.

However, before you get to that point, you might need a doctor who knows a bit about thyroid disease.


That doesn't look like Graves. Graves is hyper - high T4 and T3 (anfd v low TSH) usually. You are very hypo. It is Hashimotos. Be very afraid of your GP!


Thank you I thought that it was Hashimotos hence why I asked 3 times but she doesn't seem to like me contradicting her! think it's time I saw another doctor x


I think it is possible to have Hashis and Graves together, but TPO is far more likely to be Hashis.


You should find this page helpful in describing which antibodies might appear under different circumstances - the table is particularly helpful :

Check out the various tabs on the subject to get more info - "At a Glance", "Test Sample" etc.


I hope your GP intends to raise your dosage of levo some time soon. You are very under-medicated - your TSH is far too high and ought to come down with a higher dose of levo.

Being short on vitamins and minerals is a common effect of being hypothyroid. Please ask your GP to test your levels of ferritin, iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and folate, if this hasn't already been done. Ask for a copy of the results and ask for the reference ranges to be included in the print out. It's a shame you have started supplementing B12 already, because it will make your B12 result inaccurate (it isn't a good test anyway), but I understand what it is like to feel absolutely desperate!

You are legally entitled to copies of your test results. There shouldn't be a big charge attached to getting a copy.

See the following page :

"Requests for hard copies of information

If an applicant wishes to obtain a copy of the record, they may be charged a fee. There is no limit on this charge, but it should not result in a profit for the record holder. This fee is over and above the £10 for the initial access. "

The above refers specifically to getting copies of records of people who have died, but I'm sure the same principle (no profit to be made) applies to getting copies of records for the living!


Hello Hazel,

It is horrid feeling so ill all the time.

A lot of hypothyroid people function better with a TSH level of 1.0 or less. This is achieved by taking a bigger dose of Levothyroxine so you need to discuss this with your Doctor.

Your thyroid antibodies have come down which is great, and so a few weeks after a med increase you should start to feel better.

It is not a good idea to randomly supplement vits and minerals without tests showing a deficiency. The four really important ones are Vit D, Vit B12, folate and ferritin all of which your doctor should test anyway as you have Hashimotos Thyroiditis.

Try to rest, be patient and believe that you will get better.



Thank you for replyingFlower, I have been tested for ferritin which was in normal range but was told "nutritionally your blood is in great shape" which I have no idea how they would know without testing!



Sorry, misread your post about thyroid antibodies.

High antibodies means you have Hashimotos Thyroiditus which is an auto immune disease prevalent in many hypothyroid people. It is worth educating yourself about this subject as there are many self help methods to manage the disease.

If your Doctor is reluctant to treat you with a medication increase, I would advise you to seek a second opinion or ask for a referral to an endo.

Doctors guidelines are quite rigid but a lot of people just can not function within the given ranges. Hopefully your Doctor will be one of the sympathetic few who understand you may need your THS level suppressed (below range) in order to feel better.

It is important to get bit B12, Vit D, folate and ferritin tested as any deficiencies can stop thyroid meds from working properly.

As you have Hashimotos your doctor should test these anyway.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.


I have an appointment on Tuesday when I'll ask for tests for for vitd vit12 folate and ferritin, will post results if she does tests, thank you for you help 😊


Theres absolutely no way you have Graves Disease

You have Hashimotos and with a TSH of 94 will be severely HYPOTHYROID

Insist on tests for




Vit D3

its likely all especially Ferritin is low

all 4 MUST BE halfway in their ranges otherwise your body simply cannot even utilise the Levothyroxine and convert it into the T3 your body cells are screaming for

Find doctors who know what they are talking about too

Graves = HYPERTHYROID=OVERACTIVE Thyroid a very very different illness with very different blood tests



a TSH of 94.85??? - blimey!

and luckily so bleeding obvious you are Hypo (LOW) thyroid.

Free t4 5.2?? (9 - 24) blimey too! LOW - and antibodies indicate Hashimotos - the seek & destroy thyroid tissue type (sorting VitD & going gluten-free can help - as members report).

Your doc is a complete knobwort and obviously missed the one mandatory thyroid lecture ever- please go! - if only for H&S reasons... (there are LOTS of other GPs out there).

But at least things are a bit better now for you on 100mcg.

Good luck on Tuesday, pretending you know it's NOT Graves, and pretend to be surprised when they figure it out - don't want to rock the boat do we?

Apologies for the disgruntled undercurrent - you don't need it on top of your troubles... just trying to put stuff into perspective for you... and I'm not one to mince words... J :D x


......and your point is ?.....

Only joking. Lol.


er... I may have got carried away abit... but flippin' heck! x


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