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Still awaiting T3 but TSH increasing

Following my last set of results my doctor requested FT3 (again) and B12. When I phoned for the results the results administrator said I had a result for both, when I asked for them and the range she said she would post them out. Well they arrived over the weekend and FT3 says "TSH suggest adequate replacement. FT3 not indicated". My doctor did say if this happens she would contact the lab, I'm hoping she remembers this conversation as with the delay in me realising I'm worried the lab will no longer have the sample as the doctor believed it was kept for 1 week.

Despite TSH not being requested it was performed and is 2.23 (0.35-5.00) this has increased from 0.34 (0.35-5.00) in 3 weeks, is this normal?

B12 = 432 (180-914)

Following advice on here since since my lower TSH test I have been taking Vit D and B complex.

Any advice grately appreciated.

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How are you feeling MrsP? Generally speaking when my test results come back it clearly states that a TSH over 1.5 (when being medicated) is too high. If I was feeling poorly I would push for an increase in meds x


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