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thyroids that have hardened

a few days ago i was chatting to a colleague about my thyroid problem she told mre hers was removed and showed me the faint scar. i asked her if it was over active or cancer but she replied neither it had just gone hard. ive never come across this before and wondered if any one on this forum has. is it common and what is the medical name for it?

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Joyce, Your friend may have had a calcified nodule/s on her thyroid gland. There is a higher risk such nodules may be malignant and that may be why her thyroid was removed.

Hashimoto's can destroy the thyroid gland until it atrophies to a small fibrous mass the size of a nut and is incapable of producing hormone. It isn't usually necessary to remove the gland.


thanks for the reply clutter.


Another possibility is Riedel's Thyroiditis:



Hi my thyroid results were normal but I had a lump

On my neck which was thyroid nodules I got intros sound within 2 weeks and a total thyroidectomy within 2 months .

I was slim then and felt great. Now I'm on thyroid hormones for life and don't feel great.


Ultrasound within 2 weeks that should say


thanks thyroidmeg goes to show its best to have any lumps checked out however small they are.


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