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Results advice - overmedicated?

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid then Hashimotos in Oct/Nov 2014.

First results were TSH of 6.54 (0-5).

Free T4 was 11 (9-22)

After 6 weeks of 25mcg Levothyroxine the results were..

TSH - 2.93 (0.35-5.00) - 6 weeks ago it was 6.54

Free T4 - 13.2 (9-22) - 6 weeks ago it was 11.1

Free T3 - 3.9 (2.60-5.70) - Wasn't tested originally

And now after increasing to 75mcg they have come back as...

TSH 0.62 (0-5)

T4 14.8 (9-22)

Free T3 5.1 (2.60-5.70)

I've got overwhelming fatigue mainly because I had Meningitis last July and I'm recovering slowly so hard to measure symptoms, but since upping the dosage to 75mcg (the latest results) I've been struggling to get to sleep, been getting hot even with the heating off, and really struggling to fall asleep which is not a problem I've had before.

Do my results look 'right' as in, do you think I should stick at my dosage, or is it possible I'm now overmedicated. I have Hashimotos (TPO antibodies 167) so I know that can swing a bit.

My doctor is just happy that everything is in range.

Any thoughts would be welcome - it's hard to know what optimal dosage is because I feel rubbish anyway! :)


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Hi J, I would love to have your results. Normally, we look for FT4 and FT3 to be high in range and T4 is usually higher than T3 but yours are even better. Converting the storage hormone FT4 into the active hormone FT3 is usually

somewhat of a problem as it takes good co factors like iron, folate and ferritin to do that.

Still, it is how you feel that is important, so, while your dose is not considered high at all, it seems to be producing excellent results. I would be surprised if you would need to drop back to 50. Are there other things going on?


I am sorry you aren't feeling so well. That's probably because you're newly diagnosed.

It does take a while to find a dose which makes you feel better. Others who have hashi's will also respond. We have to read and learn as if we are studying for a degree in the thyroid gland if we want to get better. Thankfully we have lots of good members whose own knowledge comes in very useful. These are some links. First you have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease:-

It has been said that this site is useful as the pharmacist herself has hashimotos.

Do you know to miss your morning dose of levo before a blood test and take it afterwards? To take it with 1 glass of water and wait around an hour before eating. The test should also be at the earliest. If you take supplements or other medications you should leave a gap of 4 hours. If you have to have breakfast before your blood test you must leave a gap of 2 hours either side of levo. See how you get on with levothyroxine but many cannot feel well and others do. It is early days and we wonder why if we are taking tablets we actually feel worse.


JCrome, your results on 75mcg don't appear to indicate overmedication although the symptoms you describe do. You could skip a couple of days dosing and then cut the 25mcg tablet in half to take 62.5mcg daily and see whether your symptoms improve.


Your symptoms could also be because you're Under-dosed. 75 isn't a high dose, most people need more than that. And some people need there FT3 to be over-range to feel well.

An optimal dose is not about what's written on a lab test, it's about how you feel. And if you still feel ill then you are not on an optimal dose. Whatever way you look at it.

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So are you a bunch of numbers or a person? How do you feel? Thats the most important thing.


Thanks everyone - that is very assuring and helpful. I agree I need to go by how I feel - and although I have improved from where I was I still feel awful. I sometimes forget that its my Thyroid causing this fatigue, I sometimes just think it's a mystery and that there isn't anything I can do. Thats what my GP seems to think!!

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this of the insomnia and feeling very hot at night are 2 things I still suffer badly with too. Sympathies. Fortunately I can just throw the window open at night and sleep under a summer duvet. Although I'm still having way too many nights when I go to bed with that awful 'tired but wired' feeling and know I'm going to reading, off and on, until around 4 a.m.

I wish I had an answer for you as to why this happens. If you find a way to make it stop do please let me know!


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