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Positive parietal cell antibody

After eventually seeing a neurologist with regard to my tingling limbs, I have today received a copy of a letter he sent to my GP.

He says that the MRI scan was normal, so pleased about that.

However, he then says, quote:

"I note she as a positive parietal cell antibody and that some provisional blood tests have, in essence, returned as normal. This included a normal B12."

All I can find about positive parietal cell antibody is that it is something to do with the stomach lining, but I don't really understand it.

Six years ago following a gastroscopy (due to feeling sick a lot of the time) I was told I had H-pylori and given a course of antibiotics to take, but this was never followed up to see if it had been cured.

For the past ten days or so I have been suffering from the same symptoms - feeling really sick/bitter sour taste, especially when lying down - so have gone back on the proton pump inhibitors every day to try and fix it, but no luck so far.

Feeling a bit worried now:( Is this positive parietal cell antibody serious?

Funny thing is that he doesn't want to see me again and the GP surgery will undoubtedly just file the letter away.

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I wonder whether your B12 really is normal. More likely it's towards the bottom of the range. Parietal cell antibodies would point to a problem with intrinsic factor, which is the stuff your body needs to make use of B12.

But it's hard to say without knowing what the blood results actually are. You don't happen to have them, do you?

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I've just had a look at your older posts. Did you stop taking B12 supplements before the test?

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Twitchen, positive parietal cell antibodies mean you have autoimmune gastritis. If you have low B12 it could be a cause but intrinsic factor antibodies should also be tested to rule out Pernicious Anaemia.

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I think you will find that you need pepsin or betaine for low stomach acid not PPIs

low stomach acid in hypothyroid people renders then vulnerable to H Pylori

and when such an infection is diagnosed and supposedly treated they are supposed to retest you

I am pretty sure that i read either berberis or wormwood tinctute is supposed to eradicate H Pylori better than antibiotics I need to do some checking

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Hi reallyfedup123,

Just reading older posts and come across your reply re H Pylori. Did you remember anything about Berbers or wormwood tincture.

Thanks in advance



Sorry I don't know anything about Berbers or wormwood tincture. Are they remedies for H Pylori?

I have just had another test for H Pylori, but haven't got the result yet. I think it is crazy that you have the eradication treatment, but they don't follow up to see if it has gone.


That was meant for reallyfedup. See above,LOL.

I totally agree Twichen.

The breath test costs around £20.00. You can buy it yourself and it is accurate.

Hopefully yours will be clear this time.

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Being low in vitamins & minerals is very common with Thyroid trouble - you need to ask forthe actual numbers & aks your GP for additional tests for irons ferritin, folate (& B12) and Vitamin D for starters - get printouts of your results (with ranges) and post them up for members to help.

I suggest you also pop along to the HU Pernicious Anaemia community for B12 info & ask questions about intrinsic factor (my communities on the green bar above) J :D

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Thank you all so much for your replies. I haven't got the actual blood test results, they were sent to the consultant and so presumably my GP won't have them either - just this very short letter, which basically says nothing more than I have posted. To complicate things even more, this consultant was brought in from another area to do some weekend appointments to help clear the backlog of people waiting to see a neurologist.

With regard to the B12 supplements - I did take the B12 supplements for a couple of months, but stopped them well in advance of seeing the consultant and having blood tests - I didn't want to "muddy the waters."

I have a new bottle downstairs ready to start taking, but haven't bothered yet due to going back on the Omeprazole (PPI) as presumably this will negate any benefits from taking B12.

I have read about low stomach acid causing problems, but I do get heartburn very easily and, as mentioned, have this awful bitter/sour taste in my mouth, so just presumed it was due to too much stomach acid.

I had weaned myself off the PPI's almost completely and only took an occasional one as I hate taking them.

Seems like thyroid problems can be responsible for many things - can being hypothyroid cause H-pylori?



After 2 lots of nerve conduction tests, 2 MRIs, x-rays, lots of experts and 2 lots of physio - I've still got pins/needles & sensory stuff going on too - which is why I went to the GP in the first place!

hence still looking at B12 (although Vit D helped with joint pain, avoided surgery etc.) I'm also looking on the HU PA community for info, I think you need more tests on top of the parietal cell antibodies to rule out Pernicious Anaemia & possible nerve damage.

Although lucky not to have suffered with indigestion pain (but hubby does) I still probably have mal-absorption of vitamins, possibly impaired by low acid - on my list to find out!

Low acid due to Thyroid slowing digestion down? - being without stomach acid lets the nasties live & breed - antibiotics tend to wipe out all the natural gut bacteria, leaving the tougher ones to repopulate - (I think we're supposed to have a few H-pylori, and 80s research pointed to HP being the main culprit for stomach ulcers - not lifestyle). Or does this lead to mal-absorption & Thyroid problems? (chicken & egg).

It took me awhile to persuade hubby just to try apple cider vinegar (what, acid for acid?) he has just a teaspoon in a glass of water as & when needed - some take it before, during a meal, some take enzymes instead.

Don't forget to get the main 5 vits/mins tested too iron, ferritin, folate & B12 and Vit D - if on PPIs you are likely low in Magnesium too. Best get a printout of blood tests (with ranges) & post them up for folk to comment. J :D

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Autoimmune Gastritis is connected to Hashimotos and not uncommon.

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Hope you get to the bottom of it.

A Neurologist will only see you again if problem is within his field. Your gp needs to refer to the relevant consultant/specialist I would imagine.

Would it account for your tingling though (but maybe the b12 element).


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I don't think I have got a chance of finding out the numbers for the blood test results. As I said it wasn't my GP who ordered them.

When I saw the consultant (after waiting six months for an appointment) it was for approx 10-15 mins and he seemed quite dismissive. Said that a lot of people get tingling and they never find out what causes it and basically what did I want to reassure me, so I asked for an MRI and blood tests. When I asked if I would see him again, he said not unless something definitive shows up.

Why don't all test results wherever done get sent back to your GP, at least then I could look them up on Patient Access site.


All week have felt pretty awful - nausea, stomach pain and really horrible sour bitter taste constantly. I am resisting going back on the PPI's as I am sure they don't really help that much and I was so pleased that I managed to go most of the year without taking them.

Yesterday evening I started taking the B12 nuggets again and also 2ml of ionic magnesium in water.

Just wondered if anyone knows: does magnesium help with stomach problems and sour taste?


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