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Help with levels please

Recently diagnosed hashimoto, didnt respond to levo. Doc tried me on armor for 3 months felt worse. Lasts tests he stoped armor as he suspects adrenal failure and wants to start me on hydrocortI. What do these levels mean please. I feel very poorly.

tsh 2.78

free t4 12.2

cortisol 234

many thanks for helping, I find it so confusing and not enough energy to understand!

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Someone very clever will be along soon to help I am sure. I just wondered how high your antibody level is as my TSH is around if not higher than that and no treatment for me. It really is a postcode/ Dr lottery.

I hope you feel better soon and get the you need.


Glad your doctor is prepared to try Armour


what is vital is to check




they must ALL BE HALFWAY in their ranges otherwise you cannot tolerate the T4 in levo or Armour

and will need just T3 /liothyronine until your ferritin level and the others are halfway


What time of day was that blood taken? If first thing in the morning, the cortisol is low. But if later in the day, then it's okay.

TSH is too high. fT4 is bottom of range. You didn't have the fT3 tested but probably that's not fabulous either.

Follow up with suggestions from reallyfedup123.


Thank you all. Cortisol was an early morning test. I have gone private after suffering for 2o years, hence the private script for armor. My mum, dad, brother and both sets of grandparents have had hashimotos for years yet my symptoms have always been put down to depression, despite borderline levels for 2o years. I think the g.p. thinks my symptoms are in my head! I have just felt awful for soo long! At the end of my tether! Thank you so much for your advice.


What are the ranges? Where is the free t3 test results? Have you had an adrenal stim test? Not enough info here, to show it is cortisol related.


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