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Is my thyroid doing this

Having had graves disease for 7years and being on carbimazole,propranolol the symptoms continued even when told throid was within normal range.Symptoms being palpitations,some breathlessness when out walking ,weight loss,feeling hot,early menopause,thinning eyebrows and thyroid eye disease.I was told 6weeks ago my thyroid is now underactive and I am taking thyroxine with the carbimazole but I don't feel as though I have symptoms of underactive thyroid as still getting palpitations and on exertion I feel like I cant get enough air and I continue to be sensitive to heat.Has anyone else suffered with respiratory problems ect with thyroid.

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I have read the symptoms of breathlessness are undermedication. Do you have a print-out of your latest blood tests with the ranges and post on a new question for comments. Some doctors keep us 'in range' which may well keep us unwell. Normally, many of us feel better with a TSH around 1 or below, or suppressed.

Someone who has Grave will respond and if your GP hasn't tested Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

I am hypo and had constant palpitations, before diagnosis and also when on levothyroxine. Sometime I think it's the fillers/binders in levo(or any medication) which is the culprit so it's a good idea to take note of the make of the one you're using and after a suitable trial ask pharmacist if there is another make he can give you if you're not progressing. The main point is to be given sufficient medication and not stalled due to the TSH.


I felt like this all the time on Carbimazole. Within 10 months and because my Endo was no help at all, I had a thyroidectomy, only to discover I felt the same on Levo. After six years I eventually found this site and asked my GP for blood tests for iron, ferritin, Vit D, B12 and folate. The culprit was low iron/ ferritin. Iron had been at the bottom of the range for years but nobody had mentioned it to me. Being hyper gobbles up iron but my private Endo did not ever tell me this. I wasted years through his failure to give me the right info. Do get all these important Vits and minerals tested and I hope you will find the cause like I did.

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