Repeat blood test advice?

I think I have been under-medicated for some time. My GP agreed for me to try an increase in Levothyroxine and has left a request for repeat blood tests to pick up when I am ready.

Can anyone advise how long after an increase you can assess how you feel and also when to re-check T3 and T4? I am taking regular photos and after one week I can see my face looks less puffy which is encouraging!

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  • Its vital that


    Free T4

    Free T3 plus




    are all tested and that the results of latter 3 are at least halfway in their ranges

    as very often low results in any of them are the reason that no amount of levo resolves symtoms

    sometimes you need t3 instead

    and some people only get well on NDT

    Post your reuslts here and we can help furthur

  • Thank you, but wanted to know when I should do the repeat test?

  • After 6 weeks of an increase would be reasonable

    but make sure that




    are tested too

  • don't forget to do the blood test first thing in the morning and don't take your thyroxine for 24 hours before the test. Take it afterwards instead.

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