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Hypothyroid mums - pregnancy advice / tips please


My partner and I are planning to have a baby this year and I would like to gather as much information as possible before we even start trying.

Are there any mummies here who are hypothyroid and just given birth or are pregnant now? I would like to hear your stories and advice. I have been hypo for over 10 years now, currently on 100mcg of levothyroxine. My last blood results in September were fine (TSH 1.74; FT4 19.4), and due for another blood test next Monday.

Should I ask my GP for an endo appointment? Also what shall I ask him to check, apart from TSH and T4?

Many thanks in advance.

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Rhetty, you should tell your GP that you are planning conception as TSH needs to be kept in the low normal range of 0.4-2.0 to aid conception. As soon as you know you are pregnant Levothyroxine should be increased by 25-50mcg as the foetus is entirely dependent on maternal hormone for the first trimester and this will ensure good foetal development and avoid the risk of post-partum thyroiditis.





This article here is quite a nice one too: thyroid-info.com/articles/p...


Someone who has gone through pregnancy whilst hypo will respond. This is just a couple of links which may be helpful.






Please remember the genetic nature of hypothyroid/hashimotos which is not nullified by a partners good genes plus the links to dyslexia, aspergers ,coeliac,endometriosis

for eg

My MIL had severe Endo

My husband Graves and Hashis

one daughter Hashimotos, severe Endo, Fibromyalgia , Dyslexia ,Coeliac

of her 4 children 3 have hashimotos , 2 are dyslexic, 1 has aspergers, 1 is coeliac

other daughters little girl has coeliac, hashimotos, and a fault in her immune system

I have none of the above nor does any member of my family

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Hi Rhetty!

I am trying for a baby as well. There was a thread on pregnancy I have found by gracegirl78 (if you put user name in the search bar you will find the thread). Would be interested to hear of other people's experiences! I know it can be challenging trying to conceive with Hypo!



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