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Non-Amalgam Fillings?

I will be visiting the dentist next week and I know I need fillings. Please tell me what sort of fillings don't use amalgam.

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Can you not tell your dentist that you only want non-mercury ones? Am not sure if they're still using mercury in any case, believe it was due to be phased out.


I've got a couple of white fillings - I don't think they are amalgam but like cinnamon girl says just say you want non amalgam. The White ones cost more so I imagine they'll be happy to do them. It used to be that the White ones weren't as strong as the amalgam ones (well mine wasn't) but the ones I've got now seem very good.


You might want to say that you want the white fillings to be BPA free. In other words, Free of Bisphenol A. You may find some info re BPA on this site of via a google search. Many white plastic fillings contain BPA, which is another thyroid disruptor.

If it's not one thing.. :(


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