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Well I had another blood test today and my GP has ordered a "full mot" as he called it. After telling the nurse that I was hoping my iron level would hopefully be higher than last time, she checked my iron level on the screen and ask me if I had had my iron tablets, I told her I had been given a two week supply early October, she then proceeded to tell me that I should've been on iron tablets since July and that I should be taking iron tablets for six months and then have a repeat blood test. I told her that i was so angry that I was not told this information in October. I should've been told in October that I should request a repeat prescription for iron tablets and that the receptionist was at fault for not telling me this information. Why was I not told in July that I needed Iron tablets then?. I have no idea. I have been going through absolute hell with pain and dreadful exhaustion for the last few weeks to the stage where I could barely function. I'm fully expecting a phone call from my GP's receptionist informing i need to go back and see him about my latest blood results or he could take the easy way out and have a prescription waiting for me to collect. If the receptionist failed to tell me this information in October, then why did my GP not tell me this last week when i saw him?.I'm absolutely fuming that these so called medical professionals are playing god with my life.

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Lillie, it is infuriating but it's probably not the receptionist's fault. Receptionists do as instructed by the GPs and sometimes the GP's instructions are less than clear.

You know now that you need iron for six months so make sure to request a repeat script every month and book in a repeat blood test in 6 months.

Take your iron tablets with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation and make sure to take it 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.


I think it's a good idea to always get a copy of your blood test results, for your own records so you can keep an eye on things. If you've a query, you can post your results and make sure they have the ranges too. Some things can slip past doctors.


What was your iron level ? Did they test your ferritin too?


Professionals??? Why do you think they call it. Practice!?? May I say, we all think that at one time or other. If the doc did what they are suppose to do and not what the "pharms" then we would all be in a better place.


couldnt agree more tango.


if your ferritin or folate were below halfway in their ranges you should be taking iron PLUS at least 1000mcg Vitamin C to aid absorption and at least 4 hours away from the thyroid medication

it takes months to get ferritin back up to optimum and sometimes you need to always take iron much depends on menstrual status

a 2 week supply with no instructions is pure negligence


Sorry to hear. My ferritin is low too and my GP prescribed ferrous fumarate (100 tablets), 1 tablet 3 times a day. I have a blood test whenever my course is finished (every 5 weeks or so). My GP wants to make sure my ferritin level goes up.


That's awful and very wrong of the nurse to blame receptionist.

The doctor should have told you .....

but so easy to blame admin staff

I hope you get bloods better soon.


You are quite right to be fuming, Lillie. All the doctor had to do was tell you when you saw him in October when he prescribed the iron what you needed to be doing with it! Indeed, it sounds as if all parties were aware from July that you needed this, so why you only got it in October is another good question. Shocking. You should complain in writing to the Practice. If that doesn't appeal (or as well) there is this website where you might like to vent :

It puts up reports from patients on how they are finding the NHS. It's quite fun - the doctors expect sugary compliments and lo, sometimes they get a brickbat instead :-).


I don't know why it would - seems it only contains 1mg of iron per pint. A healthy human might contain 4 or 5 grams of iron. However, something other than iron content might help in some way - maybe enhancing absorption of iron from other foods/drinks?



We were told this in the Post Natal Ward when one Mum tried to hide a bottle of Guinness. The midwife (an older lady) said that it was alright as it was good for her iron count.


Yes, a fellow inmate on the ward with my first was handing round stout & chocolate. (I think it was also to make baby sleep better!)

Rod would there be more iron in Iron Bru then?


I have no expectation that anyone will contact me with test results any more - I even wonder if the doctor even bothers looking at them until minutes before walking into the doctor's office to discuss.

My GP went into meltdown when I arrived one day, with me assuming that all the tests I had had done on my heart would be fine because they would have contacted me if not, surely?? Well, no - I got sent to A&E as an emergency before I even had a chance to sit down. My appointment had not even about those test results!

I don't think we are given a second thought once we have left the doctor's office either.


My GP phoned today regarding my blood test taken yesterday and informed me that my vitamin D is low and will need to be retested in 6 months and promptly carried on by telling me to go to Holland and Barrett for vitamin D tablets. He told me that they sell tablets in 1000mg and to take two a day. I've searched high and low and can't find any which that state 1000mg. After my questioning him about my iron and thyroxin level's, he told me that my iron is low and will need iron tablets for 3 months, but my thyroxin level was ok. Fingers crossed I will hopefully start to feel better real soon.


Lillie, I think your GP may have meant 2 x 1,000iu. That's equivalent to 50mg.


I'd take double that... Oh I did & felt much better!

(after 3 months on 4 x 1000iu biocare drops daily).

Yes my GP was surprised I'd done my own test (NHS lab), then dismissed low Vit D & just told me to go to Boots. (OK cheaper than a prescription I thought). I was having physio for all sorts.

A colleague with very low iron & in great pain (having spine injections) was just told to eat a healthy diet - grr... (supplemented & Iron levels up - no injections, rides horse again - horse also has supplements!).

Vitamins & minerals don't seem to be taken much notice of by the 'medical' community, they have 'alternatives' - in my opinion and limited experience.

But, we Can do something about them ourselves!

My pregnant DIL won't take anything 'the doc doesn't prescribe'. OK she's on folic acid, but not even 'pregaday'?, she's been anaemic for 10 years - I despair!

Please remember to take iron 4 hours away from taking Levo & Vitamin C helps irons absorption.

The usual recommended tests are iron (ferritin) folate & B12 and Vitamin D - there are lots more but these need to be at good levels for starters.

Good luck & Happy New Year!

Jane :D


Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause anaemia,low iron,ferritin, Sallys book "Could it be B12 ?" There is an epidemic of misdiagnosis happening.It took 15 drs including 7 specialists for me to get a diagnosis from a holistic Gp.Now thanks to delayed treatment I have permanent nerve damage in l arm ,numb feet & hearing loss.I urge everyone to get copies of blood tests so you are not ignored .My b12 was in so called normal range but I had all neuro symptoms.i am having injections & oral B12 to attempt future nerve damage & anaemia.


It is often mentioned on here that I should get copies of my blood results as it's my right to do so, what if my surgery refuses to let me have them?. is there somewhere I can contact to appeal?. Sorry but all this is very new to me.


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