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Jaw cramp and neck rash??

Evening all

On day 4 of a stinking cold and have woken up this morning with a pain in my jaw in both sides which I can only liken to the painful tightening you get just before cramp. Its not gone away and is 10 times worse trying to eat, like cramp kicks in. You can physically see and feel the muscles bunched up.

for about two weeks I've also had a hot itchy rash flare up on my neck and collar bone and can feel like pins when the ends of my hair touch it. I'm insulin resitant so have darkened skin and deep creases un my neck which has also seemed to get worse.

A couple of weeks ago I had my l3vo increased from 50mcg to 75mcg. I'm also on ramipril for high bp. All ive taken for the cold is paracetamol.

Any one have any idea if any of this is linked to the underactive thyroid, the levo or all just a coincidence? Just trying to figure out whether I need to get to the docs or not?! Tia.x

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Bruxism.... JAw clenching , is linked to hypothyroidism. It can cause all sorts of pains around your neck and temples and it can also lead to tooth abcesses. Might be worth getting a mouth guard from your dentist which you wear at night. It solved a lt of my jaw clenching problems.

G x


Maddy, If you were given a different brand when your Levothyroxine was raised to 75mcg you may be having a reaction to one of the fillers. You could halve one of the 50mcg to make 75mcg and see whether the rash improves or take an antihistamine an hour before your Levothyroxine and if the rash clears you'll have to ask your pharmacist to supply an alternative make of 25mcg or ask your GP to prescribe 1.5 x 50mcg daily.

The jaw pain is probably to do with your cold and swollen glands. If it's getting worse make an appointment to see your GP in case it's an infection requiring antibiotics.

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Hi I would visit your gp for the neck rash, I work in a gp surgery and a lady came in with a rash over the front of her neck yesterday and the doctor said it was because her thyroid doseage was too high and to reduce it, might not be the same sort of rash but best to get it checked out x


Jaw pain & rash goes with Vit b12 deficiency .I was taking eutroxsig & had severe reaction.Drs told me my thyroid levels were norm.pharmacist said I had all signs of thyroid toxicosis so I ceased meds haven't taking it since .recent diagnosis of Vitamin B12 which still have jaw pain when yawning.clicking noise when chewing.


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