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Hi all again

Can one of you put me straight on this please. I saw Dr P in March this year and he has started me on a daily regime of:

3 x Nutri adrenal extra

1000mg Vit C

6 x Nutri thyroid Glandulars

1 x coQ10 (100 mg)

30mg Liotyronine

I have been taking my temps and pulse and keeping an accurate record but what is baffling me is my T4 blood results have gone down from 23.3 to 15 to 8.9. I know Dr P and others have said not to be too hung up on blood results, that's it just a small part of the whole picture but it's just my doctor ( who does not know I having been seeing Dr P) is very concerned. I did tell her I haven' t been taking the thyroxine just the T3 but she wants me to take 50 mg Thyroxine as she said you have to have part of the conversion taking place through the Thyroxine? What do I do? I've tried to contact Dr P but it's either engaged or goes to answer phone.

Appreciate your time in replying.


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Boatseller, it's quite normal for FT4 to be low/below range when taking T3 only and you don't need Thyroxine as part of the conversion. Oral T3 goes straight into the blood and cells bypassing the need for higher levels of T4 to convert to T3. If your TSH is low and your FT3 is half to three quarters towards the top of range you are optimally medicated.

Try Dr.P. after New Year.


Ok. Thank you Clutter.


If I can't reach him I drop him a line .Hope you get sorted soon .


Through the post? I don't think he does email !


The old fashioned way a letter :)


I'm on it! Thanks


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