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hi I can anyone help me understand my antibodies, I have graves in march 2014 my t4 was 17 endo increased my carbimazole to15 mgs. in june it had dropped to 14 my recent t4 was 9 so doctor reduced me to 10mgs because I felt so tired he thought I may be going under active I have just had my bloods taken again today prior to seeing my endo next week but was told my antibodies back in march were high at 33 ( normal range 0-9) would this alter now my t4 has reduced or will I still have a high reading sorry to be so long winded but how do a raised level of antibodies affect my thyroid and can they be controled

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theres no real way of controlled either the antibodies that cause overactivity /Graves Thyroid Disease or the Antibodies that cause Hashimotos/underactive thyroid

Some people have both antibodies and they can yo yo

Carbimazole damps down the overactive thyroid but this can indeed induce tiredness and brain fog

its a fine balance and sometimes the patient has no option but to try and vary their dose depending on how they feel are going to need a very understanding GP /endo to help you that's for sure

My husband has been through the entire gamut of all of the above from age of 27 so I have seen it all for nearly 50 years

thankfully he is now stable on Natural Dessicated Thyroid but its been a long haul


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