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Parathyroid blood test

Had a thyroid scan, was told all ok tho a multinodular goitre present but it coul be ignored as normal at my age and not the reason for my hypothyroidism. Just been contacted to be told a nodule behind it on my parathyroid and called immediately for blood test. Results next week. Could this be why I have not returned to full health in spite of taking t3 and t4?? What questions should I be asking?

Happy holidays all and thank you for answers.

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ThyrOid, they'll be checking your parathyroid hormone (PTH), calcium and vitD levels to see whether you are hyperparathyroid which can make you feel very unwell.

Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.


HI For the parathyroid vital test is for calcium, vit D and parathyroid. All done together am. If then parathyroid out of range, then followed by a nuclear scan ( large teaching hospital) and CT for parathyroid.

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I just had a parathyroid adenoma removed in Sep., diagnosed with hyperparathyroid. My problems first began in Oct "13" when I finally got fed up with my periods being so heavy went to the gynae and she suggested doing a D&C ...she suspected fibroids. Afterwards, my periods were worse than before and I wished I hadnt complained. So, by Feb the following year I was feeling very tired and worn down and craving ice something fierce and I just knew my iron was low. I went to the GP and had blood drawn and as suspected my iron was low so he sent me to the hospital for an iron transfusion. while there they took my blood pressure and it was sky high 192/110. I had my blood pressure taken just weeks before and it had been normal. Although, high blood pressure runs in my family..I just knew that there was something else causing it to be that high. I decided to go to a new gynae who suggested I have a tubal/ablation done and be done with the monthly bloodletting and given that I was done having kids..I was so on board. When he went in with the laprascope he saw that I had stage two endometriosis and adenomyosis. He told my husband after surgery that in 5-8 yrs I could need a full hysterectomy. A possible second surgery "yeah" I wished he had offered that that to begin with. Before, surgery I was sent in for more bloodwork and my calcium was 11.4, the high end of normal range was 10.7, which was what the previous blood draw showed. I had many of these blood tests done and the calcium fluctuated between high normal and high. My pth was within normal range which it shouldn't have been since my calcium was high they should've been sleeping. My Gp was blaming the BP medicine Losartan/ HCTZ which has a diuretic that could (rare I think) cause high calcium. I took all those blood reports to an ENT for a second opinion and he sent me for a sestamibi scan which came back high lighted on lower left thyroid. He offered to do surgery with a 4-6 in incision and I knew that there was minimally invasive surgery that I could get with 2-3cm cut, so I found a surgeon in St. Louis and followed up with him. I had surgery in Sep. and my blood pressure has dropped so much now that Im going to ask Dr. to take me off ...Ive been cutting the pills to half now quarters. It took three months for it to come down this low but just like I read it could. The surgeon had an ultrasound done and the adenoma showed up on it too and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's from the scan as well. My tsh was 5.4 and then went down to 4.7. My vitamin D was also low 19.1 with low end of normal was 30 and ALP was slightly elevated. The Endo who specialized in bone disorders decided that I shouldn't take Levo even though I was having hypo symptoms due to the fact that the parathyroid had been pulling calcium from my bones and Levo also depletes the bones and given my age he thought it wouldn't be beneficial to me until tsh reaches 7 or 8. However, my ALP was still elevated after surgery to which I couldn't blame the parathyroid anymore. My follow up with the GP, I complained of upper right quadrant pain that I've had for sometime and I've previously had all the gallbladder tests done and they were normal. since, my ALP was still elevated he ordered a bunch of liver tests and a positve ama-m2 antibody was found indicating possible primary biliary cirrhosis of the liver. he referred me to a liver specialist who said I have an enlarged liver and I go back on Jan 5th for a liver biopsy to either confirm PBC or not. It's been a strange year and I know I've babbled on, but always trust your gut. I got most of my info from everything they said on that site I found was point on.


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