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Thyroxine to reduce nodule size?

Thyroxine can I have read be used to reduce thyroid nodule size. As I am 'normal' range but definitely hypo in every other way including Hashi's has anyone managed to get this treatment if benign nodule?

A cunning plan as my GP refuses to assist is to ask the thyroid surgeon when my core biopsy results come in. As my throat feels as if someone is strangling me all day I want the nodule out regardless of result but suspect if benign they are going to leave it and that is the worst for me. However the idea that thyroxine can deal with my lump and my untreated symptoms just wondered if anyone had had this?

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Mine ended up as a multinodular goitre after 20 years of "normal" thyroid results, although I suffered hypo symptoms. My mum had the same problems for 40 years! Total thyroidectomy for her because of cancer. Total thyroidectomy for me a year later because of 5.2cm tumour (non cancer). Being without a thyroid is awful. Treatment on thyroxine only does not provide good results. GP won't consider anything else.

I believe that if my mum and I had been provided with help at an early stage, our goitres would not have developed in the way that they did. Our poor thyroids were trying so hard to produce adequate hormone levels that they went a bit mad. I'd rather have my thyroid than be without it.

I self medicate with Natural Dessicated Thyroid, and am, at last, feeling quite normal.

Maybe you could try over the counter Dessicated thyroid. Nutri Meds Porcine Thyroid Health can be easily purchased, and might be worth a try. Good luck. Xx


Thank you for your reply. I have some NDT ordered but Xmas post seems to be delaying it. Tired beyond belief and carer for my mother who has Alzheimer's so its a challenge. Off work sick at the moment but somehow have to find a way to get back in the real world. If only my appendages didn't have lead weights on.

Will wait for biopsy results - so much waiting for results.


Nickinoo, my otherwise excellent surgeon told me that it was unlikely my hyper Hashimoto's symptoms were thyroid related as my bloods were within range. My nodule FNA/core biopsy was inconclusive but surgery was scheduled to remove it without further FNA because it compressed my trachea making breathing and swallowing difficult. Hemilobectomy eased breathing and swallowing but symptoms didn't improve until I was prescribed T3 after completion thyroidectomy.

I've not heard that Levothyroxine reduces the size of nodules although it can reduce goiters and Hashimoto's antibodies.


My biopsy was also inconclusive, but surgeon took the decision to completely remove my thyroid because of my mum's thyroid cancer. I firmly believe that T3 or NDT would have stopped my nodules/goitre growing because my thyroid would not have had to work so hard to produce the hormones that I was obviously lacking (although my blood tests were always in range). an alternative therapist once said to me that "normal" for me wasn't the same as "normal" for many other people. Hope your Supply arrives soon. Xx


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