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Are my blood test results ok!!!


I have not long ago received my blood test results. They are as follows:

Serum TSH Level is 0.127 mu/L

Serum Free T4 Level is 18.8 pmol/L

I'm currently on 175 mg of levothyroxine. I did get some feedback from a doctor, but not my own doctor. He said it might be worth alternating levothyroxine between 150 and 175.

I need some confirmation as to whether my results are ok or not. Also about alternating my thyroxine.

Many thanks for any feedback.



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The million dollar question is how do you feel?

If you feel good, then don't worry about the numbers and leave well alone. If on the other hand you still feel far from well, then yes, there's justification for a raise - not a decrease! - in Levo medication.

There may also be other things to look at, like your FT3 level (doctors and/or labs often don't do these), your iron status, Vit B12 and Vit D. Have any of those been tested?


Pete, your results are okay but how you feel is more important. I would expect to see a suppressed TSH on 175mcg. TSH is probably a bit too low for your GP's liking which is why s/he's suggested you alternate 150/175mcg. Alternating dose is fine or you can cut the 25mcg tablet in half and take 162.5mcg daily.


if you are symptom free your dosage and results seem totally ideal to me


Why exactly did he say it might be 'worth' alternating? Worth it to whom? Not to you if you're feeling well at your present dose. Do you feel over-medicated? If not, stay as you are. It's what's Worth it to you that counts, not to him.


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