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T3 dosage


I've recently got a new supplier of my T3. Manufactured by T. Man Pharma. Each tablet is 60mg. I'm not sure how many to take. I'm still taking my levothyroxine, but I think my body may not be converting it to T3. (I believe that's what can happen)

Am currently taking 2 of the new tablets per day, 1 first thing in the morning and in the afternoon/early evening.

I was out of T3 as my old supplier vanished, so took none for about 3 or 4 weeks. I was still taking the levothyroxine.

Was wondering whether to get a blood test in about a months time, so as to gauge the dose. In the meantime I'm not sure what to do, how much to take. Any suggestions? Thank you

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Are you sure about that? 60 mg? That's an awfully big dose. 60 mcg would be more like it, but even that is an odd number. How much T3 were you taking before?

Yes it definitely says that. I was taking about 12mcg each time previously

On the tub it says 430 to 250 mg daily as directed by physician

Sorry 30 to 250

Oh, that doesn't sound like real T3. What are the ingredients?

Are you sure that's not Thai NDT T.R. Thyroid by T. Man? In which case it is indeed 60 mg per tablet (1 grain), but as NDT it would be 38 mcg of (T4) and 9 mcg of (T3).

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Oh, yes! I never thought of that. :)

So I'm only getting 9mcg of T3 !?

In 60 mg NDT there is only 9 mcg T3, yes. So, if you're taking 2 tablets, you're getting 18 mcg - which is an increase on what you were taking. But, it also means you're taking a lot of T4 76 mcg in the NDT, plus whatever dose of levo you're taking, you don't say how much.

That sounds more like an NDT than T3!

The supplier was recommended by one of your regular posters so I assumed it was kosher. Now I'm just confused!

It is kosher. It's kosher NDT. It's not pure T3 like Tiromel. It often happens that people muddle them up. :)

It's only kosher because medical products are allowed to be porcine as long as they don't mix meat and milk.

Ahhhhhhh good point! :)

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NDT with Porcine and NDT is usually with Porcine is Not Kosher per say . But for health reasons Only it's permissible to consume via swallowing Only . That is to say it's permissible as long as one does not chew or sock the NDT . Synthetic T3 /T4 is not a problem if one prefers to chew/ sock on the synthetic thyroid meds .

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Yes, but I'm not sure the OP was using the word 'kosher' in the strict sense of the word, just meaning 'the real thing'. Which is the sense in which I replied. Sorry if that offends anyone, but it just never occurred to me that it might. :(

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It's Very Kind and Concerning On your part . Thank You for your Care Concern and Compassion . It's Not considered Kosher by any means . It's Only that it can be used for health reasons Only .

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You're welcome. :)

Yes I meant as in the real thing. Apologies for any confusion or offence


You are most definitely on TR by Tman Pharma which is NDT so porcine, and yes, one 60 mg pill contains 38 mcg of T4 and 9 mcg of T3. The recommended daily dosage is 1-4 grains daily which equals 60-240 mg although some need some than that.

As far as I know, there is only one Thai brand of synthetic T3. It's called LA Pharma T3 CYTOMEL and only comes in 100 mcg pills.

It can all be a bit confusing as NDT brands come in grains which equal so and so many milligrams (m)g, whereas the hormone content of the pills is measured in micrograms (mcg).

Thank you I understand now. I've just been reading on here about the Canadian report. I'm thinking I may stop taking my levothyroxine and increase the 60mg pill then. Is it safe to do so? I'm currently on 100mcg 4 days a week and 125mcg 3 days a week of the levothyroxine but I dont feel well at all . Thanks for any advice x

I wastakibg taking similar to you but possibly swapping the 3 and 4 days around. Can't remember now and I swapped over to NDT following the STTM instructions. Basically you stop what you are taking and change over to I think half a grain. You need to find this out but it's well known so it should come up in a search. The idea is that as you have a store of T4 then as this decreases you nee medication is increasing so it hardly noticeable to how to feel. The bit of the instructions I do remember though is when you get to 2 grains then increase in quarters so you don't miss your sweet spot. I did this and got up to 3 grains, feeling good but not quite there yet. (I'd been put on NDT when I was first diagnosed but the source to the NHS dried up) I'd arranged to change over as I had an Endo appointment lined up so the hospital would test for me. I was over medicated and Endo dropped me down to 1.75 and been there or there about ever since. I think there is a Stop The Thyroid Madness site on fb(?) but certainly online.

Dont think I could cut these tablets, they're very small.

But thanks for the reply

There are some good pill cutters around and they a pretty cheap to buy. If you ask on here I'm sure you will get good advice. Mine is getting a bit old now so not always too accurate but I start off getting a dose of 1.75 and don't notice any difference to the potency. If I split a single one in half and it's a bit lop sided o pair the smaller half with half the bigger half to even it up but I expect mines a bit blunt by now!

I've got a pill cutter , I will try it. Thanks. Just been on the STTM page on fb. Very interesting. I'm sure I have adrenal problems too

That's not T3, AFAIK, it's NDT - 1 grain tablets.

Natural T.R. Thyroid Supplement By T.MAN Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT)

Each tablet contains: Thyroid Extract 60 mg. (Lactose Free & Gluten Free)

(1 Tablet = 60mg = 1 grain)

Each tablet contains: 38 mcg of Levothyroxine (T4) and 9 mcg of Liothyronine (T3)


This sounds like you have purchased NDT not T3. NDT comes in sizes of 60mcg. T3 is usually 20 or 25 mcg. I would have thought that taking T3 in such a large amount is dangerous.

Why dangerous?

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