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Replacing faulty T3

I have been taking just T3 for a number of years but over the last few months the quality of the drug from the only British manufacturers has been very variable and one of the last lots I was prescribed, lot 81745, were particularly bad. I had to stop taking them as they were making me really sleepy, ill and mentally my dementia became really really bad. I have submitted a yellow card as I know other people have had problems too. My supply of T3 is carefully controlled by the Dr, and I now have 250 T3 from that batch that I can't take because of the fault with them. Has anybody suffered the same problem with a faulty batch of T3 and managed to get them replaced by the manufacturer? I am reluctant to go back to my Gp as he is not keen on me taking T3 and will use every excuse to try and get me off them, but they have transformed my life and given me back my life as it is now clear that my dementia is linked to the hypothyroidism.


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I think you should be in direct contact both with Mercury Pharma and your pharmacy. Both owe you a duty to supply decent product.

As you are claiming the product is unusable, I would not only have done the yellow card, but also considered reporting as a defective medicine:

As I have never gone through that process, I cannot advise - and you might find that you are better off involving your pharmacy in the that.

Try to make sure every contact is documented (i.e. keep emails, paper, etc.) so that you can provide the full story if ever required. Obviously, somewhat more difficult with a corner pharmacy where you are more likely to have a discussion than an email exchange. If it is a branch of the chain, consider the merits of involving their head office/chief pharmacist.

You might also consider involving PALS (or whatever is available in your area). They might be able to start contact between your and your local hospital pharmacy. Not at all clear what they might do for you, but they might be able to do something -or at least be told of the problems.


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Phone them up and ask if they will replace the tablets.

My own opinion is that their UK T3 is awful. If people are using it and are having symptoms, they may not be aware that it could be due to the T3.

I have complained to the MHRA and MP (Amdipharm) to no avail as they have tested the product and deemed it (different number to yours but I don't think it matters about the number):-

amount of Liothyronine active ingredient. The results obtained for both returned sample and retained sample are comparable and comply with registered specification,

In light of these findings, no quality defect has been identified for Liathyronine 20mcg tablets"

I told them initially, I wasn't complaining about the efficacy of liothyronine itself but the fillers/binders they use (Liothyronine is compatible with out human body so wouldn't be a problem) but they just ignored this. I asked them to provide T3 with hypoallergenic fillers/binders as they charge enough for their product.

Initially, I don't think we realise it is the product but now I am on a self-bought one any residual problems which developed slowly have gone so know for sure now.

I don't think the MHRA are bothered as long as the 'main ingredient' is of an efficacy. What we need is an alternative, reliable, T3 with good fillers/binders that don't react with us.

There is another T3 by Paddock but we need a special prescription and I think you could put a case to your GP who may be willing. It would be good if it's cheaper. That would be a bonus. It's the last on this list :

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I had problems with certain batches of T3 , Your batch number does sound familiar ,the chemist contacted the manufacture and they sent a different batch,I felt they were under strength so I used to take a little extra, I gave up in the end and switched to Armour,I still need a small amount of T3 ,my endo gave me a prescription and I buy it from Belgium .



I had problems with 81745 and still am. Been sicker then I've ever been in my life...really scary. This is now the 2nd batch that has made me I'll. I'm sat here doubting it me or the batch?

I got my faulty batch replaced with this batch..81745!!..And I'm not gonna ask for it to be replaced again. I have bought ndt now and am waiting for that


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