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Hashis and AF

Hi all went to GP the other day regarding heart beating fast when i turn over in bed at night looked on here thats what made me go to the gp. Had to go see endo today so had ecg while i was at the hospital.

Went in to see endo waste of time again told him i still do not feel well i feel tired, legthargic, legs feel like lead, moody and feels like sometimes someone is pouring cold water over me from head to toe i am having big sores coming up again says sores look like eczema told him i had had eczema since i was born and it never came up like this asked if he checked vit d no we will do it in next blood test everything else was fine. Asked him while i was in there if thyroid affects your heart not in your case he said.While i was waiting for bus i opened the ecg print out and at top said abnormal left atrial fibulation my daughter has taken it to docters for me.And i remembered on the way home that i had all these sores when my vit d was low so im going to put myself back on it. xxAnyone else had the problem of AF and Hashis xx,

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Lifeback, Although I had palpitations prior to Hashi diagnosis they were constant when I was on T4 only. I'm fine on T4+T3 with occasional palpitations and then it's often due to needing food if I've skipped a meal.


Hashi's can cause sores, rashes, and eczema, but so can allergies and sensitivities to food, which is common with Hashi's. It can cause issues with the heart as well. I have a racing heart when trying to sleep, since 2010. Someone, here recently, put a link to an article about heart issues with thyroid. It explained how you need to have ft3 testing, not just TSH.

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