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Still hypothyroid?


Following seeing a private endo in Halifax ,West yorks ,I have been taking Armour thyroid 2 granules per day .However I am still feeling symptomatic .My last blood text was-

TSH 0.16

FREE T3 3.8

FREE T4 9.92

At my last appointment he advised me to stay on 2 granules but does anyone think I could up my intake to see if it helps my symptoms .

Many thanks in advance

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If you could give the ranges for your blood tests it would be helpful.

If you have symptoms he should raise your Armour. I would raise by 1/4 grain for several weeks and so on until you feel well. I am not medically qualified but have had to go a similar route. Endocrinologist and doctors assume that if our bloods are 'in range' our complaints aren't due to hypo or that if the TSH goes below that we are in danger. That's not true as people who have had thyroid cancer have to have suppressed TSH. If you go to the date November 21, 2003 on this link for info and the second link is very useful.


in your shoes and with those results my husband ,our daughter and all 3 granddaughters would sure be upping their dose every 3 weeks by 1/2 a grain until they felt well


Try it!! What have you got to lose? If you feel hyper then you can always lower your dosage.


Yes your right ! Thank you !


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