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Any Ideas

Have been feeling a bit rough for past 3 weeks, head aches, aching legs, arthritis in hands playing up not sleeping to good and am exhausted by 3 pm. Must admit doing a lot of work at present. I have graves, been quite happy for the last few years on 20mg carbimazole and 75 thyroxine. The doctor recently asked

Me to have a blood test as blood pressure was up a bit. Only done fbc and tsh. Fbc was ok and tsh came back at 3.46.

Well I rang today about how I have been feeling, near enough called me a hyprecondriac, nothing wrong with me. I hardly ever speak to her so why fob me off. Any ideas what could be wrong with me please ?

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Are you still on carbizamole and also taking 75mcg of levo?

I would say you have hypothyroidism and for someone who is on levothyroxine, the aim of the doctor should be a very low TSH or even suppressed. Email for a copy of the Pulse online article. Read question 6 and give copy to GP before your next appointment with her to discuss.

I am hypo but someone who has/had Graves will respond. Some doctors are mistaken when they think if the patient's TSH is 'normal range' their jobs done. No, it isn't - it's to make patient well and not be fobbed off. You need more levo.

We have to read and learn as much as we can to be informed in order to recover our health. You will realise before long that not many know how to treat people with a thyroid gland dysfunction.

When you get a blood test for thyroid hormones, you shouldn't take medication before the test and have it as early as possible. Take meds afterwards. We should have around 24 hours between a dose and a blood test. If you haven't had a B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done as we are usually deficient.


Duster, Try reducing your Carbimazole to 10mcg. You've become hypo. Aim for a TSH just above or below 1.0.


Thanks guys.

Yes still on the carb and levo and like an idiot I took them before blood test. I have no arranged appointment with the doctor as at our surgery you log a call and they get back to you, obviously I was deemed unworthy even to get an appointment. I haven't even been to the doc since March, hardly ever see them, I'm so annoyed.

Was thinking of taking 100mgs twice a week to start to see if I pick up a bit. But might cut the carb in half and try that first, I will get the pulse item and post it off to my doc with a letter telling her what I am doing.

Regarding having more blood test, don't think I even have a chance of getting the test forms left out for me.

If I don't feel any better I will phone the hospital and try to speak to my endo.


Duster, Try phoning your endo. It's likely the carb needs reducing rather than Levo increasing but you should have a follow up thyroid test 4/6 weeks after changing either to check levels are correct.


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