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Could I have adrenal fatigue


I'm on thyroxine and t 3 my dose has been changed that many times . Still have loads of symptoms

I tried vit d Vitamin b12. Magnesium . Even tried tissue salts .

I just wondered if I could have adrenal fatigue never been tested for it though . Dos anyone have any experience with it

Thanks Sandra

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Hi Sandra

Was you dose of levothyroxine changed due to your TSH result. Has your GP been trying to keep it within the 'normal range'.

Sandra49 in reply to shaws

Hi thanks for your reply , my tsh has been the same for a while which is 0.01 but my t4 has been all over the place from 16 - 26 , right now it's 17 and my doctor thinks I'm over medicated

shawsAdministrator in reply to Sandra49

I don't think you're overmedicated. It would appear you aren't converting T4 to sufficient T3 but to know for sure, your GP should do a free T3 blood test.

Do you miss out your dose of levo before your blood tests and have test as early as possible?

It would be good if GP would do a Free T3 test to see if it is low, that in itself can give you symptoms. If GP wont do a free T3 you can get one privately. It is the T3 we need in our cells for us to function.

Hi Sandra, that could be the reason you are having trouble dosing your thyroid hormones. Saliva testing is probably the best way to see if your adrenals are capable but would be difficult to have done unless you want to do it yourself through Blue Horizon. There are ways of supporting your adrenal glands with supplements and better sleep habits. Here are two articles that might help you decide if this is the problem.

I suggest doing a saliva test which is four samples of saliva over a day. Genova does them.

However I have to add many endos don't subscribe to them, preferring the blood test over it, which is ludicrous because the blood test doesn't really measure the available cortisol in your body.

Plus they don't seem to care when they take your blood sample, I say "they" meaning the ones I have encountered. There may well be others who are much more up to date in research.

There is another great web site called stop the thyroid madness, it talks about adrenal fatigue etc with hypo thyroidism.

see if anything there helps you at all.. I found this Healthunlocked, Thyroid UK and the above websites invaluable.

Hope this helps!

Take good care


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