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Thyroxine reduced


I've been on 100mcgs of thyroxine for the past 20 years but now the go has said that I need to reduce this to 75 mcgs as my test results are as follows.

My question is will I go too hypothyroid again then or should I maybe drop to around 100mcgs one day and 75mcgs the next?just worried about feeling all the tiredness coming back again if I go too low,thanks


Tsh 0.13

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im unsure but i think they are optimal readings, he shouldn't be lowering your dose he should be maintaining it.


You need to know if your FT4 result is converting into the ACTIVE thyroid hormone T3. No result - so it may be advisable to have it tested before lowering the dose. The T4 is a storage hormone and as far as we know does little in the body. The T3 is the active one and needed in every cell of the body - so that everything can work well.

Do you have Hashimotos ? Have your anti-bodies been tested ?

How are your levels of FERRITIN - B12 - FOLATE - VITD ? They all need to be OPTIMAL for your T4 to convert well in the body - and for you to feel well :-)


Thanks,I will go and ask for my T3 to be tested first then I think as they don't test it unless you ask I think.ive got optimal levels of ferritin,folate and b12 and lots of vitamin D here so would imagine that is optimal too. 😊


Labs and GP's seem reluctant to test the FT3 - but you could try. So do you have your results for B12 - Ferritin - Folate - VitD ? - it would be good if you could post them as sometimes we find on this forum that a GP's idea of good is far from optimal :-)

Thyroid Anti-bodies ??

What supplements are you taking ? Any other Meds ?

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