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New to here, in desperation to find some legit info on low thyroid in children. I need reference info on thyroid levels, tsh and t4. We have low thyroid in the family - my great gran, my mum and myself and my son (9yrs old) is complaining of extreme tiredness along with mood changes and behavioural stuff. I've had blood tests done, a month ago his tsh was 1.9 and t4 was 10.7. Blood tests done two days ago show tsh now at 2.15 and t4 10.8. The doctor is saying they are fine and that there is now a new scale that they go by and even if there wasn't, it is fine in the old way of measuring.

Tearing my hair out here, any advice welcome!

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Hello Mrs Davey

I can understand your desperation, particularly as it runs in your family. Your doctor is wrong about your own tests, and if you can also get the ranges of them (ask for a print-out from the surgery and it will be on that) and post. It doesn't take you long to figure out that doctors know very little about thyroid gland dysfunctions because they don't know the clinical symptoms whatsoever. When you get a blood test for your thyroid gland it is best if it is as early as possible and don't take medication until afterwards.

I don't know much about children's thyroid problems but this is a link which may be helpful and I am sure another member might be more aware of children's conditions. Can you be asked to be referred to a children's hospital? I wouldn't trust GPs with children's diagnosis as they can barely treat adults and only if the TSH reaches a certain level and ignore the symptoms.



Not sure what your doctor is saying. There are special paediatric ranges for thyroid functions tests. Not convinced they are that wonderful but it is very important for everyone to realise that levels in children can be and sometimes should be different to those in adults.

One example:

Please note: Every lab will have its own ranges. These ONLY apply to the specific lab in Brighton. You simply must use the right ranges (age and lab) as a starting point. They highlight what sort of differences you might expect to see.


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