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Hashimoto...infections as a trigger? any solutions?

Hi guys,

Recent publications suggest we may have Hashimoto due to infections.

I have checked my blood for some infections recently and what I have discovered makes me think.

I have antibodies IgG for a bunch of viruses (I got them in the past I guess).

Cytomegalovirus, Epstain-Barr virus, Varicella Zoster virus, Herpes 1,2,6

Also I have IgM elevated for Helicobacter pylori which I have treated last year three times with antibiotics and it is still there.

I am on 50mcg of Levothyroxine and 1 tablet Nutri Thyroid daily and taking supplements from rime to time. My lower back is the most disturbing at the moment. They say a link is found between the back pain and Helicobacter pylori virus.

Last year I was injected with a plasma taken from my blood (while having a beauty treatment for the face) and my back pain vanished for a month right from that day. it was really nice and surprising.

I am wondering if it is a solution to treat the pain and a virus as well ;)

Could you please share if you were dealing with anything similar and managed to get some good results (any efficient supplementation of immune system perhaps or any diet)?

Thank you

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Gal Ka, have you have a breath test done for H. pylori? Antibodies are present if there is active infection or a history of infection. Hence, not an accurate test for current situation.

The sensory nerves to the low back and intestinal tract (esp. colon) come from the same place. Just as some women experience back pain during labour, colon issues can refer pain to the low back as well.

To start with you'd need to do some reading on how to promote smooth functioning of the GI tract. Figure out, through trial and error, what works for you. It could be eliminating gluten, milk, eggs first. Increasing dietary soluble fibre and mineral intake. Potassium, magnesium and yes, sodium.


Yes, some time ago I did both blood and breath test - both tests detected H. pylori.

I do not have or feel any disturbance in my digestive system though.

I was told it is almost impossible to get rid of this bacteria,

However, as I got it right the right diet can help to keep it in a lower range.

Thanks for youur reccomendations gabkad


In their books Dr Peatfield and Dr Skinner both mention Epstein-Barr as a cause of hypothyroidism and Dr Skinner also mentions Varicella Zoster. I've had both as an adult but I don't have any auto-immune illnesses but I was diagnosed hypo with normal blood tests as a result of symptoms. I'm very interested in seeing what my levels of those are and what else I might have so please could you let me know where you got all the antibody testing done? I'd like to get it done too. Over the last couple of years I've been treated by a western medical herbalist, whose first few months of treatment were aimed at getting rid of as many infections and viruses in my body as possible. I felt very different at the end of it, but still wonder what else might be lurking.

I was tested for H-pylori last month and don't have that but I am still waiting for the results of a number of other similar tests - parasites, SIBO etc. I have back pain at the moment and can't bend down properly and am having difficulty walking far, but this is due to an old injury, although I wonder how much it's affected by other things like infections and low thyroid. The only time I had back pain which was definitely due to something else was when I got a stomach bug in Morocco and was ill for weeks and could hardly move for pain. It gradually went on its own, although looking back I wish I had got the proper treatment for it, and I can well imagine that back pain caused by something long-term like h-pylori would be never-ending. If standard drugs to treat it haven't worked then my suggestion would be to try herbs, but you'd need to find a fully qualified medical herbalist who'd know what to do.

Good luck with it!


Hi Framboisei ,

Thank you for sharing your story.

Sorry to hear you have gone through lots of pain.

I have done my blood tests abroad. I have no idea where you can do them in the UK unfortunately.

Yes, herbs are worth of exploration.

I have heard that a fruit mangosteen is good to fight this bacteria.

Thanks and good luck.


sorry but whilst I accept that an infection may trigger a pre disposition to Graves or Hashis I cannot accept that its the actual cause

Especially if I look at my husband , daughter and granddaughters

genetic link seems far more prominent than any infection

hence why I get extremely concerned about the Hashis women hell bent on having a baby come hell or high water

If I had known the genetic risk my husbands Graves would confer to my daughters and my 6 grandkids I most definitely would have made the heart wrenching decision not to have children



well my GP told me that I got my condition from my parent, However, new publications deliver interesting information so you start thinking how to get better results in treating yourself from all possible directions...



"I got my condition from my parent "

can also be grandparent because sometimes these things skip a generation because we cannot trace where my husbands Graves and Hashis came from

my good genes have certainly not prevented our daughter getting hashis and same for the grandkids

"we are but the vessels in which our tainted ancestors ride " is the byword of Homeopathy


well...yes we have to deal with it...

Good luck 123


Viruses and bacteria tend to lurk in our systems forever, we just stop them going crazy and taking over.

You've probably looked at pro-biotics to help your army of good gut bacteria.

I had a nasty bug in Egypt too and had a 3 day course of strong antibiotics there - but the pharmacist insisted I take 2 sachets of lactobaccilli (I think) a week or so after, they do this is some European countries too I believe. J :D


Yes...they recommend to start taking pro-biotics a couple of days before you start taking antibiotics and finish a couple of days later after you finish taking antibiotics. I have been taking Symbiolact.

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Be very, VERY careful with H. Pylori treatment. It is NOT a panacea for gastric problems, or any other problems for that matter. H. Pylori is an incredibly common bacteria and causes no problems in most people. It has been inaccurately blamed for stomach ulcers. It is linked to their formation but it now seems unlikely that it is it alone that causes the problem. However H. Pylori has a protective role in oesophagitis and throat cancer and people who have H. Pylori treatments are more likely to develop these problems.

I was wrongly given H. Pylori treatment twice and developed severe oesophagitis because of it. This is very common, but seems to be being ignored by doctors although they know it happens. As you have been already treated I think you are very lucky to have escaped complications. I wouldn't push your luck and have more treatments. A very bad idea, in my opinion. If you want to read about the science behind this I recommend you read Martin Blaser's book on the subject, Missing Microbes. He is a proper research scientist, not an 'alternative' therapist, and he will give you accurate science on what's really happening in your gut and the dangers of being given random H. Pylori treatments. They are antibiotics, and as such need to be treated with great caution.

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Sorry to hear you got serious complication after your treatments.

Yes, I have heard there are opinions in the medical world not to treat H. Pylori at all as the reason exactly what you said - a treatment with antibiotics brings more harm than the activity of this bacteria.

Thank you for your recommendations and good luck


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