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Hashimotos storm

Hi. I was diagnosed hypothyroid (Hashimotos) 2009. Have been stable with only mild symptoms until 2012. My T4 and TSH levels have been all over the place taking me hyper (lost 2 stone) to hypo ( put back on 3 1/2 stone) plus panic anxiety insomnia etc etc. my question is could I have had a flare up during this period do you think? I have asked for my TPOab which has come back at 255.2 range is below 35. And my tsh/t4/t3 are all in range right now. Frightened of going hyper again and if I do what could be done to reduce ASAP? Got diagnosed with anxiety disorder and sent to a psychologist and diagnosed benzos and anti depressants. Common story I believe? At no point did my GP mention in the entire 12 months that my bloods were hyper from day one!! Not picked up until I requested print outs and then meds reduced. I'm sure you can sense my despair. Need to now manage my own condition as have no faith in GP. I am currently paying a private Endo to balance my levels and in case anybody else is going through this I am almost back to normal psychologically now so just keep going.


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Rachel, if you were overmedicated so your TSH was suppressed and your FT4 and FT3 high over range that would cause anxiety, weight loss, breathlessness, racing heart, palpitations etc.

Suppressed TSH often damps down Hashi's rather than causing it to flare. If your TSH is no longer suppressed Hashi may flare and although you may *feel* hyper your FT4 and FT3 probably won't show over range. Many members find a gluten-free diet helps reduces flares and antibodies.


Thankyou for taking the time to reply . Yep and they are all symptoms of an anxiety disorder hence the diagnosis. I had no idea about Hashis and no idea the symptoms of hyper or that it could effect me. My GP refused to test me for thyroid in 2009 so I went private and got diagnosed. She literally printed off the patient UK fact sheet and a script and sent me away.

So just so I understand, now I'm not medically induced Hyper I may feel Hyper symptoms as my TSH is back in normal range and may trigger a flare? Wow. Can they diagnose a Hashi flare through blood work? And would the flare eventually create hyper bloods? It's so complicated isn't it. And Gluten free may be the way forward for me your right. I had gastric issues prior to my "anxiety" issues so I'm sure the connection is very sensitive for me. I feel physically and emotionally exhausted from the roller coaster of hyper/normal/hypo/normal bloods and dose changes. I've no idea how I've managed to hold down my job and look after my son throughout. I'm on Levo only and wonder if I should be asking my Endo their view on NDT.

Thanks again



Rachel, the only way a blood test will show a Hashi flare is if antibodies become elevated. TSH can fluctuate in response to circulating hormone but I think it would be very unusual for FT3 to go over range too. I had Hashi's prior to thyroidectomy and my symptoms were totally hyper. TPOab was 230 and TSH only 2.30 with FT4 and FT3 low in range so all 'normal' although I was in a dreadful state and had lost 13kg in 10 months. GP was convinced it was toxicosis and kept repeating TFT until the lab declined to test.

How much Levothyroxine are you taking and what were your last blood results (with the lab ref ranges)?



Hi. Please see history of blood tests below. I have also been tested for Celiac/Graves/Addisons and had a short Synacthen test and all came back normal

(lab ranges T4 7-17 TSH 0.4 - 4.5)

Oct 2012

T4 13.9 TSH 1.52

Dose left at 125mcgm as historically was. Issues began mid Nov

Jan 2013

T4 21.1 TSH 2.5

Dose left same not informed high

Sept 2013

T4 20.1 TSH 0.59

Dose reduced to 100Mcgm

Oct 2013

T4 13.6 TSH 4.07

Dose left at 100 Mcgm

Jun 2014

T4 10.7 TSH 11.06

Dose increased to 125 Mcgm

July 2014

T4 18.3 TSH 4.51

Dose titrated alternate days 100Mcgrm /125 Mcgrm

Aug 2014

T4 in range TSH still slightly elevated (dont have figures to hand)

Dose increased to 125 Mcgm a day

Nov 2014

T4 13.5 TSH 1.77 T3 3.9 (range 4-8.3 I think?) TPOab 255.2 (range below 35 I think?)

Thanks again


Hypothyroid patients need to recognise their own symptoms and learn to balance their meds accordingly

do you have someone living with you who is astute enough to spot the signs of over or under activity

some patients need more meds in the winter than the summer

you need to tune into your body and balance life accordingly and be very aware of all the symptoms of over and active thyroid

hashimotos is a tough condition for many people who suffer worse symptoms than others

blood tests simply never tell the whole story


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