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Hashimoto's and CKD

I was diagnosed with stage 3 CKD about 7 years ago. I found out in blood results for thyroid test which was apparently normal although parathyroid levels were out at that time. I have had numerous thyroid tests as have had lots of hypothyroid symptoms for ages. As in another thread I found a nodule on thyroid 2 months ago and ENT consultant first thing he said was have you not had tests for autoimmune diseases you do have CKD after all. I had no idea until I looked it up and diagnosed with Hashimoto's this week. Anyone else have both and how does it affect you? Do I need to be doing anything? I try to eat with low salt content but otherwise no meds as yet.

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Hi It is not too bad but important to have frequent U`s and E`s done, kidney function.I have lots of autoimmune diseases but my kidney disease is unrelated. If worried ask to see a Nephrologist for an opinion.I assume you have had a kidney ultra sound?



I have CKD Stage 2, nothing has ever been mentioned to me, I only spotted it when I check my blood tests for thyroid. (I have no thyroid, cancer 10 years ago and complete removal) It seems it is a common thing with thyroid problems.

Will be interesting to see who else has these problems and if they do anything about it.


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