Thyroid results

Hi there , I received my thyroid results today . TSH 0.98 T3 2 t4 16

I'm ok 50mg of levothyroxine for 2 years but have increases to 75mg . Please could someone help does these results mean I should go back to 50mg : I'm getting heart palpitations all the time and shakiness in my legs n hands . Soo tired n weak . I also got cortisol checked but they won't give me the result from any other doc only the one who ordered it which is a bit strange . Thanks in advance

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If you have the ranges of your results it would be helpful as labs differ (figures are in brackets after the result).

Your symptoms could also be due to hypothyroidism as well if you are undermedicated. 50mcg is usually a starting dose and 75 mcg is quite low too. If you've just increased your body may be adjusting. Your T3 and T4 look very low. If you take Vitamin C with levothyroxine, it helps in the absorbtion.

Don't take your medication on the morning of the blood test, take it afterwards. You should always take it on an empty stomach with one glass of water and wait about an hour before eating. If you take meds before, it skews your blood test results.

Hi Shaws , thanks so much for replying . I didn't know that about vitaminc as I take it in the morn and thyroxine at nite but will take them together . All I know is the lowest range of TSh is 0.28 and mine was 0.78 today . I increased my dose myself as doc wants to keep me on 50mg which I feel is no help at all . Thanks so much for your advice I appreciate it :)

If you go to the date November 28, 2003 on this link you will see what effect a low dose of thyroid hormone does. Also the other information you will find useful, plus topics at the top of the page.

Hi Shaws , I'm sorry I cannot get access to that link or date as just tried it though thanks anyway :)

I have just opened it so maybe your computer's blocked it for some reason.

Hi Shaws , yes think it might be that . Please could you give me a tiny idea as to what a low thyroid dose does if possible thanks much appreciated :)

Apologies I meant TSH is 0.98 ) mine is and the lowest is 0,28) my docs won't give me a printout .

Hi Angie, the doctors cannot refuse you a printed copy of your results with reference ranges under the freedom of information act. You may have to pay a nominal fee for them.

Hi Stourie , thanks I will ask again and hopefully this time they will be more helpful :)

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