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Hello everyone,

I have had some shock blood test results today. The last time I was tested I was 0.37 (I am underactive). The doctor suggested I try 50mg one day, 75mg the next to get me in the correct range as I had been nudged towards Hyper. Today I have been advised that I am now 9.01! He has now asked me to try 75mg day one, 75mg day two and 50mg day three! Has anyone else had this? I have been being treated for six months now. I am gutted as my range was soo close to perfect and now I feel like I am back to square one! I cant understand what could have happened to make they results sway soo much when I was so close to perfect range.

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  • Unfortunately, there is no perfect 'range'. Perfect is the one that makes you feel good. Doctors adjusting doses just due to the TSH only, usually rebounds on us and we feel worse. 

    If we are hypothyroid we cannot become hyperthyroid, except we will experience unpleasant sensations if we take too much thyroid hormones so we either miss next day's dose or reduce. 

    Some people feel best when the TSH is suppressed by doctors have been told that it will cause problems. People who have had thyroid cancer take suppressive doses.

    (I am not medically qualified - just have my own experience)

  • Are you hashimoto's ? If so your thyroid may be under attack and  producing less thyroxine. Alternatively you may have been having a flare up with increased production of thyroxine when your TSH was lower. Really TSH on its own is meaningless it should be more how you are feeling not just where your TSH level is.

    I would focus more on symptoms not just bloods.

  • Thanks for the reply guys. I don't know what form of underactive thyroid I have. I'm just concerned that my ranges were heading in the right direction and now they are all over the place :(

  • Hi ebony1980 I am on 50/75 and my TSH is 0.04. My T3 and T4 are in range and so my endo is happy. I am also feeling well. You can't judge your condition on TSH alone as it doesn't give you a full picture.

  • My GP lowered my dose because my TSH was 0.03. Now it's 0.24 and she's thinking of lowering it again.  She's not going to get away with that though!  We so need to educate our GPs. They are General practitioners; WE are the ones with the condition and we probably know more about it than they do, so we have to educate them!😀

    This website is fantastic - so much information and such supportive members. Thank you all 💐💐💐

  • You should ask for antibodies to be tested to see if high ( Hashimotos)and causing the rise inTSH 

  • It's a bit like the weather. It might be sunny for a week but that doesn't mean it's going to be sunny forever. Our bodies are so complex and small changes in our diet, mood, or an infection can have much larger effects in our bodies. We are fighting infection all the time and it's only when our immune systems get a bit overwhelmed that we have any symptoms so your immune system may have been extra busy. When I was first diagnosed it took about a year to get to a settled dose. I lost some weight and was taken off thyroxine for about 6 months.   22 years on and I'm going through a period of dose changes again. Just grin and bear it on a daily basis but keep getting the tests done!  👍

  • Go by how you feel, not numbers.  Are you getting a y hyperthyroid symptoms?  If not then you are NOT over medicated.

  • Hello everyone, thanks for the advice. My other TSH levels are within range. I just wondered if anyone had had their dosage adjusted like I have. ie one day a different strength, the next day lower

  • No, never to your question, but like everyone else I would say how did you feel before this current change that produced the new tsh and how do you feel now?

  • Hi there

    I take ndt so slightly different but I do take 1.5 grains one day and 2 the next as 1.5 is insufficient and 2 too much. It seems common because they don't have as much selection on size oF pills so wouldn't worry about alternate dosing 

  • I've done alternate 100/125 much for years. I found that if a put 14 of the 100mcg pills and 7 of the 25 mcg pills into a pill box, that lasted me a fortnight. If I forgot what I'd taken the day before ( a regular occurrence ☹️) I just needed to count the 100mcg pills. If it was a multiple of 2, I took a 25mcg pill as well.  You could try something similar for your dose.  

    Getting it wrong occasionally shouldn't affect how you feel on a daily basis as we have a large supply of thyroxine in our bodies from the previous pills we've taken. But it will affect test results so be careful about dosage around test time. 

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