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Help in A&E

My daughter having jerks again not sure if it's her thyroid (Hashi's). On 150 martingale wheat free capsules. Not had her bloods done as yet she might be on too much or not enough. Put on 150 from 125 since July. Starts in hyper then as month go by start going into hypo.

Basically does anyone out there have experience with jerks due to thyriod.

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Hi it is probably not related but will mention it as a long shot. Some people with Thyroid issues, and in particular Hashimotos due to autoimmune nature also have Sticky Blood, known as Hughes Syndrome or APS, this can cause movement disorders due to neurological problems with the blood being stick and can sometimes present as Sydenham's Chorea or Saint Vitus Dance. If there is any history of blood clotting in your family or nasty migraines, best to rule it out. Come back to me if it looks like this is a possibility. MaryF


Still waiting

Her eyes are red and watery. I won't hold my breath for any of these peadis to find the prob. Will mention thyriod and that she is Hashi's.


Often APS, Hughes Syndrome/Sticky blood is missed! MaryF



What is the name of that blood enemia is it pr,,,something?


thick blood is Antiphospholipid Syndrome, the opposite which somebody can also have if they have thick blood believe it or not is thromboyctopenia, again can appear with Hughes Syndrome/APS/Sticky blood and Lupus. MaryF


and sorry for delay, I am very unwell, which affects my functioning.. you mean Pernicious Anaemia this is frequently missed, a good idea to check that out. MaryF

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That it



Could she be low in magnesium?



I am currently under Endo, being tested for pos thyroid/hormone conditions.

Been unwell for a long time and when at worst I suffered extreme jerking, and regularly jerk in the evening/night (hubby basically mimics me, not being mean, but makes me laugh about instead of worrying!).

Is jerking common in thyroid conditions? I suspect Graves / Hashi as I discovered after first year of being unwell that I have half a thyroid gland?

(diagnosed to date with CFS/ME & FM but many symptoms overlap thyroid stuff).



Have you had your bloods done? Also have you undertaken any strenuous exercises recently?

My daughter is on meds 150 and her T4 is high - GP thinks if her endo finds her bloods OK she will recommend my daughter have an EEG. My daughter took up horse riding in the summer and I think it was just too much. Also started the Paleo AI diet as she has Hashi's. Any way will have to see what her endo says and go from there.

She started jerking in Oct and scared me half to death.

So waiting to tick off possible over medicated / EEG referred.


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