My Daughter Molly

My Daughter Molly

Hi everyone i know i'm probably not allowed to do this and i apologies if it is against the rules and you have to take it down.

My daughter molly has been undiagnoised with mphd for 14 years, she has no thyroid growth hormone or cortisol production, thankfully now she is on all replacement hormones after being very poorly all of her life, She became very sick last october and has now also developed ME, I started an awareness campaign this time last year and am trying my hardest to raise awareness particularly to adrenal insufficiency, in june last year we held the first ai awareness day on the 6th of june and had mollys picnics all over the world raising money for the pituitary foundation, i have many projects at the moment focusing on the ultimate goal of creating more research , better medications, EARLY DIAGNOSIS, better understanding of this in the medical field and also to make it as recognizable one day as diabetes. I also have a petition so far with 10,000 signatures which will be used in the development of an epi style pen for the emergency injection, we thankfully have a pharmaceutical company who have the device and are currently going through various procedures to get it to market.

I would be really grateful if you would join me in my 'fight for flight' campaign. this is the link to my group on facebook and from there you can access the website and petitions.

I have been reading posts now from this site for a few months and can clearly see peoples frustrations with treatments / symptoms etc, i would really hope to try my best to make these things better, many thanks if you will join me in support .

Kind Regards

Rachel Pegler

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  • Rachel, so glad to have found your page and for the past hour and a half have been engrossed in finding such a lot of information from it. So grateful you posted this information as it will greatly help me with my son's problems and I have left feedback and signed your petition. We have a petition going at the present time on this forum and it would be good if you could sign this for us too (Louise perhaps you could put the link please? Will try and learn how to sometime).

  • Thanks sparerib (really must try and get up to date)!

  • Thanks so much xx I'll sign and share to my page x

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