Does anyone have the Alpha Stim machine

Does anyone have the Alpha Stim machine

I bought this last year for depression anxiety and pain for the fibromyalgia

I felt it was not working for me using the pads.

I am trying the earlobes now for the past two weeks

and can now feel some relief for the depression and some pain relief some day better than others

It relaxes you also

it works different from the TENS machine

its quite expensive desperation can push you at times family helped me purchase it

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no - but interested in your experiences with it ....

Has anyone heard about mucinex for fibromyalgia? Someone just mentioned this to me and I need to read up on it. They told me there mother has total relief. Maybe worth reading about....Sounds weird but who knows. Also turmeric taken daily for a long period of time seems to help from what I heard. I don't have fibromyalgia but I though I would pass this along.....xo Susita

Never heard of Mucinex being use for fibromyalgia. But I have to ask, which product? There are quite a number of Mucinex products with varying active and non-active ingredients. (These might even vary from one country to another.) So identifying which product or products is quite important.


I just heard about it....... but haven't read what is on the internet about it.. I will see if I can ask the women who told me about it. And see if she knows which one. All the best Susita

Seems the ingredient is Guaifenesin from what I am seeing. Like everything else you need to do your research and see if its right for you. From what I have just read there is a list of things to avoid to make it effective. I guess if I had fibromyalgia I would look into it. But I am sure the best advise is to ask a Doctor before trying it. Susita

Trouble is that the various Mucinex branded products contain at least this range of active ingredients:





Paracetamol (known as Acetaminophen in the USA)

I am quite convinced that the best advice is not to rely on the advice of a doctor. Few have sufficient knowledge of these products. Nowadays I tend to read up before buying or taking anything.


Going back to the beginning thats what I suggested. Something maybe to read about for your self....Good Luck....Susita

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