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Why do I still have all the symptoms even though I've been on thyroid medicine?

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 8, I'm 20 now. I've been on the same prescription the whole time, but I've never felt any relief from the symptoms. I'm always tired, I have no energy, some depression, dry skin, intolerance to heat and cold, etc. I've been to several doctors, and mentioned it. All they say is that the thyroid medicine should take care of it and that's the end of the conversation.

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Sorry to hear you're so unwell. Do you get copies of your blood tests? You'd really need to see blood results (w ranges included) to know how well-medicated you are. A lot of doctors try to keep us on as little meds as possible to keep us in range and it can mean lingering symptoms. In particular if your t3 is low it can make you feel awful.

If you want copies of your latest bloods you can ring the surgery and ask. They may have formalities like asking the doctor but you're entitled to your own results. Then you can post them here.

You may also want to ask if you can have your b12, d, folate, iron and ferritin tested, as these can affect how you feel and how well your meds are used in your body.


If the dosage of levo is too low you will feel pants but you also need the vitamins to help you feel better. Post your ranges and ask for vit level tests and see if you need to supplement. If you do see whether you feel better but give it about 6 months.

If you don't feel better once your levels are right for levo and vits and you've given it time to get into your system then you may need to look at whether you're converting well etc and if not whether you might need t3/ndt. However suggest you check the levo and vits first as the majority of people are good on levo

Good luck


What medication are you on, Levothyroxine?

What dose?

Could be as simple as you need an increase in dose.

Request that your GP issue with blood test results for as far back as they will permit.

It would be very worthwhile to do a Private test :

Bluehorizons Thyroid +12

This will give you a lot of vital information. Ferritin, Folate, B12, Vit D, as well as you fT3, but also Reverse T3.

It could be that your Levo isn't working.

This will give you info almost impossible to get from the NHS. Could save you a lot of time & misery.

Good luck!


Beverly, you should also have your thyroid antibodies tested as you probably are suffering from Hashimoto's and would benefit from changes in your diet, in particular, eliminating gluten. You need to be thoroughly tested and post your results with ranges here. There is hope. I suffered the same as you for 20 years but am finally getting sorted because of being educated.


If you have been on the same dose since you were 8, you are probably undermedicated, as you are now a lot bigger than an 8-year old. And you know have different sex hormone levels, which can affect your thyroid hormone uptake. If you post your blood test results for TSH, Free t4, Free t3, ferritin, B12, folate and D3 in a new post, someone will advise.


What meds are you on? Levothyroxine does not agree with everybody.


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