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ENT issues - anyone else suffering?

I have been living with Hashimoto's (officially) since March although I believe I have had it for several years. Around the same time I was referred to ENT for an enlarged tonsil on the left side, nasal congestion on right side and a stuffy ear on the right side with a whooshing noise. THe ENT did a hearing test which came back normal and then said that my nasal turbinates have collapsed and I would need surgery to correct it but did a CT scan to check there was nothing else causing the problem. I have an appointment next week for those results. My problem is that my ear cartilage is painful (on and off) and the ear occassionaly goes red and feels like its burning. My wrists also seem to be very painful and feel like they are burning and I understand from doing some research that there is an autoimmune condition which affects cartilage - and more specifically the cartilage of the ear nose and throat. Does anyone else suffer with this? How do I push the ENT consultant to check for this? Thanks guys

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hi jlo211 just seen your post i am at the moment in the same boat as you i have hashimotos my left ear is my problem i started 3 weeks ago with tonsilitis then i have had a chest infection i have had 3 lots of antibiotics i have been under ent for years i now have a antibiotic spray for my ear i have lost most of my hearing in both ears ent says as well that the left side of my nose is slighty bent which they have never told me before my ear goes bright red and really you know what the name of autoimmune disease is that affects cartilage x


Hi. It's relapsing polychondritis and it can be quite serious. X


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