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lab results...pls help

hi, this is my first post and i'm so happy to have found all of us that are working so hard to feel well. have been hypo for over ten years. fatigue, depression, brain fog, weight gain, memory, cold, falling hair... any way here are some labs, would love your thoughts! haven't had b12 or others not listed yet. wanted your thoughts first. felt much better not taking any levo at all, but tsh was 14.6 and doc had a fit. i'm in usa, btw. thank you for your help.

melab range -- taking 88 microgm levo:



vit d33.630-100


t3235* high71-180

thyroxine binding globulin1813-39

tpo ab90-34

anti-thyroglobulin ab>200-40






hdl cholesterol85>40


colesterol / hdl ratio2.66<5.6

tsh14.6*high.35-5.5labs taken 3 mo later, not taking levo, and feeling much better, but doc says,oh no!

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Hi Welcome to the site. I find itrhard to recognise most of those ranges. However, you certainly need a Free T3 test. Iron and diabetes.It looks like your D is ,low, important to have a calcium test before treating it. Calcium must always be in range. T4 should always be in the top third of the range on treatment.

Best wishes,



Hi Tree, you can compare your levels with the ones recommended by this excellent website. You will notice that the test for total t4 and total t3 are not useful but for "free T4 and free T3" are more helpful. Your T4 above MAY be free but your T3 looks like total.

Not everyone does well on thyroxine or the other synthetics for T4. I'm in the U.S. and my P.A. was willing to prescribe Armour. You should be able to try it if you want to. But, if for some reason, you could find a functional neurologist to treat you, you might consider that.


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