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Hypothyroid help with lab results


I've had nearly all symptoms of hypothyroid getting steadily worse the last 2/3 years.

My free t4 level was 14.5 a year ago and is now 9.2 PMOL

My total t3 is 1.5 nnol

Yet my TSH level says normal at 1.64

What can I do ....or what does this mean?

I'm at a loss as I just feel I can t go on without trying to fix this. The cold intolerance has me barely leaving the house at this stage and it brought me to tears last winter frequently...the cold is actually painful and I'm always cold when others are warm. My skin is cracking and flaking off no matter how much moisturiser I use. And I am constantly exhausted with no energy, was told I had chronic fatigue syndrome by a nutritionist last year. I also have have little to no memory and it feels like my brain is closing down. I've become constipated despite never having that problem in my life....and eat flaxseed and veg daily....

Has anyone any thoughts? Would be very much appreciated.


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Welcome to the forum, Akinsel.

Can you post the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) for your FT3 and FT4 please and members will advise? It's impossible to interpret your results without them.

Akinsel, I'm afraid that flaw seed is not always good for thyroid. It's what we call a goitrogen, and might be having a bad effect on your gland. If you are also eating a lot of vegetables, that might not be helping, either, because a lot of those are goitrogens, so the total volume (although you Don't say what and how much) may be too much for your thyroid if it's a bit tired.

If you'd like to know more about that, let me know. I'm afraid the things that we think of as 'healthy' aren't always healthy for everyone.

Hugs, Grey

teenarocks in reply to greygoose

Grey--Is this true even if your thyroid is dead and getting all hormone from meds? I'm not clear on what affects my thyroid if it's dead as endo has told me. Goitrogens, nightshades, iodine? Thanks if you can enlighten.

greygoose in reply to teenarocks

If your thyroid is truly dead, then goitrogens shouldn't affect you - except for soy with also affects the hormone you're taking. But the only way you'll know if anything is adversely affecting you is to go off it completely for a couple of weeks and see if you feel any better. Not all goitrogens affect all hypos.

But are you sure you're thyroid is dead? I was told mine was, but after six months off all hormone (for reasons I won't go into) I still had hormone in my blood - enough to keep me alive, anyway.

Sorry, Don't know anything about nightshades. Personally I have never been affected by them so never investigated them.

As for iodine, if you Don't have a working thyroid, you Don't need so much, do you. I Don't think it would have any effects on the hormone you're taking, but I can't swear to it.

teenarocks in reply to greygoose

Thanks for this response. It's very helpful. I only know the endo told me my thyroid is dead. I don't intend to go off all hormone so I guess I'll never know for sure. I do avoid soy.

greygoose in reply to teenarocks

Well, you Don't really want to put it to the test unless you have to, do you. lol Good job you already avoid soy! :)

hi grey well we cant frigging win can we - we get told stay off meat, dairy eggs grains bread, but if too many veg and I eat a lot- are also not good there isn't much left to eat. where Is that chocolate sponge pud with choc sauce. :D

There's always salads. Lettuce and cucumber are ok. lol But radishes are goitrogens, tomatoes are nighshades... bleuh...

But they tell us all these thing one day and the next day they say the opposite. I Don't listen to anybody anymore, just my body! If something disagrees with me, I Don't eat it. If I Don't like it, I Don't eat it. If I like it and I feel good eating it, to hell with the so-called experts. I eat dairy and gluten - I never stopped eating eggs because that was obviously a load of rubbish!

As I've said before, my motto is 'a little of what you fancy does you good' (I did have another motto but I've forgetten it...) I'll have the treacle sponge, please, with lashings of double cream. Don't like chocolate. lol

what a gem you are grey---- I was watching a video, will try to post it- about going back to basics, as it was years ago- well we had a long thread didn't we recently, about The Way it Was in OUR day, years ago and the video just shows how modern man has totally destroyed our way of eating and living, where is my chocolate sponge pud? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have posted the video today grey its on a dr mercola site. you need a cup of tea an hour and your cake and a comfy chair and the video is enthralling.x

Thank you. I'll get round to that tonight. Today I have a granddaughter - a sugarholic - to baby-sit - well, it's not really me that's baby-sitting, it's my tablet! She's singing along with some ghastly songs by someone called Violetta - in Spanish! Home-made fish pie for lunch! And home-made apple cake with coconut sugar for tea. None of that nasty c**p she normally eats. lol

greygoose in reply to greygoose

Oh, and did you see Mercola's words of wisdom today? We could have told them that ages ago!


i am coming round for dinner grey...xx

lol Well, sounds good on paper, but I Don't guarantee the results! A good cook, I ain't!

Barb1949 in reply to greygoose

Dear Grey, can I please have your recipe for apple cake with coconut sugar?

Barb :-) xxx

greygoose in reply to Barb1949

Oh, Don't bother! It was disgusting! lol Although, I'm not a great cook, so maybe it was just me. And maybe it was just my taste buds. I couldn't eat it, but my daughter and s-i-l did.

I'll pm you later with the recipe and you can try it for yourself.

could you do a greycookbookplease here so I can have some apple cake too...


One bowl apple cake


•2 Eggs

•1 3/4 cup(s) Sugar

•2 teaspoon(s) Cinnamon Heaping teaspoon

•1/2 cup(s) Oil

•6 Gala,Fugi or honey crisp apples Peel & slice

•2 cup(s) All purpose flour

•2 teaspoon(s) Baking soda


1.Preheat oven to 350.

2.In large bowl mix sugar, eggs, cinnamon & oil. Add apples to mix, coating all apples. Add flour & baking soda mix well with a fork until all flour is absorbed by wet mixture.

3.Pour into a 9x13 greased pan. Bake 55 min

There you go!

yyuuummmm thanks grey-- would you like to come round for some apple cake and a cup of tea?

wot abou' the coconut cream?

Wot abart it? Don't like it. Tastes like coconut oïl and I can't stand that. I did use coconut sugar in that recipe (do like that) but I didn't put enough in. It's not quite as sweet as cane sugar, so you need a bit more.

Hi Sorry

Free T4 9.2 ( 7- 16)

TSH 1.64 ( .5 - 4.20)

Total T3 1.53 (1-3)

faith63 in reply to akinsel

You are severely undermedicated..your ft4 isn't even mid range..total t3 is not the test that you need, ft3 would really help. But, since it is low, you are just plain hypo. I would ask for some t3.

Akinsel--These results wouldn't look too bad if you were not having symptoms, but since you are they could certainly be improved. TSH could be under 1, Free T4 and T3 optimally could be higher in the range. T4 at 13 or higher and T3 at 2.5 or higher. You didn't say what med you are taking or how much but whatever it is you either need a change or an increased dose. Increase very slowly. If you reply with your dose and med you will get advice on increasing.

Greygoose I didn't realise about goitrigen foods....im dairy free so been eating natural soya yoghurt topped with 2/3 Tbsp flax seed daily.....I'll look into those foods ...thank you!

Teenarocks I amn't on any medication yet, have a follow up appointment with gp next week and just trying to research before she tells me im fine, takes my 50 cuid and I'm back at square one.

I've been reading about abit and theres a book by the British Medical Council called 'Understanding Thyroid Disorders ' that states it's best to have Free T4 at the highest end of range and TSH toward the lower end.

How do I raise Free T4? Do I need to ask for prescription for something...?

Thanks again for all your help!

teenarocks in reply to akinsel

Yes, you need to be on medication--the sooner the better. You raise Free T4 and Free T3 with prescription meds. Your GP may not want to give it to you since you are "in range". Good luck convincing him he should consider your symptoms and not just the lab test results. If he leaves you unmedicated check back here. There is a lot of info on self medicating if necessary. Read this for more info. And faith63 is right, you need Free T3 test.


akinsel in reply to teenarocks

Thanks so much, Will do.

reading your post- I thought i had written it--- except my tsh is 0.01mui/l and ft4 is 13. something and ft3 is 3.31.. but am fine too! I have concrete infused by a ton weight in my shoulders and back, I am fatiqued, tired, nauseous, hair falling out, so sparse now, nearly gone, and feel generally shitty and soooooooooooo cold.

but hey we are both fine!

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