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coeliac disease screen ??

Reference ranges for both IgA .....IgG

tissue transglutaminase antibodies:

< 7 U/mL.... negative

7 - 10 U/mL ....Equivocal

> 10 U/mL.....Postive

"Tissu transglutaminase IgA level " 0 .5 U/mL

"Tissu transglutaminase IgG level" 0.1 U/mL

the joke is my G P said omn my resent visit while looking at my notes, implying I haven't got hassitomotos.......I found my a letter form my hospital stating this on my next will poke it under there nosies,.

whats above mean please,thank you



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those results mean you do not have classic coeliac disease...............however if you have Hashimotos then many people find they are better to avoid all forms of gluten since it cross reacts with the thyroid

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Thank you for that,you know lve never been advised by the medical professions to go gluten free,l trust you judgements and advise that I receive on here

Sue11 xx


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