I hope they include treatments we are all interested in

Such as B12 Injections, Dessicated Thyroid Treatments and LDN


Probably not!

Sign and pass on for more signatures: epetitions.direct.gov.uk/pe...

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  • If you are dying, it's probably a bit late for B12. Damage has been done.

  • General information out of the daily papers, and my putting it on here, was slightly tongue in cheek.... but of course fresh from the TUK conference where a lot of the useful subject matter was on doctors not being prepared to prescribe or try out alternative treatments. MaryF

  • I should have put a smiley at the end of my comment. It was also supposed to be slightly tongue in cheek.

    It would be actually useful if we, the patients, were allowed to tell our doctors that we were happy to have alternative treatments *that we consented to* used on us and wouldn't sue.

    "Oh, yes, doctor, I'm perfectly happy for you to try LDN for my lupus ... . Sue you? I'll kiss your $%^&!"

  • Yes I fund my own Thyroid treatments, and of course Aspirin which luckily is cheap and also my LDN....and private appointments that I can ill afford etc, moan, gripe, drone, witter etc. MaryF

  • Lol, Mary, I hope we get NDT, T3 etc. prescribed before we're dying :-D

  • I refused statins and they just said they would make a note of this ,(incase anything happened due to not taking Statins)So why can't they do the same with NDT,T3 etc ,but just that the patient as asked for it ,and make a note of it ,We can hope that the power's to be will wake up soon.

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